Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are You An "Unpatriotic Racist?" - Pat Sajak Might Think So

I love how social media has really shed a light on humans and shown us who we really are. It's good and bad. I personally believe that we know way too much about one another. For the regular folks like myself and my colleagues here at The Urban Politico, the exposure has a different effect versus a celebrity. If I get on Twitter and call people racists, the outcome is probably going to be very different versus our favorite singer getting on Twitter and calling people racists. We've seen sooooooo many cases where social media has taken out a celebrity. Once you post something you can't take it back. I still don't understand why folks don't understand that.  Especially an old timer like Pat Sajak.

Honestly, I could care less about what Pat Sajak thinks or says. He's not famous enough to have any impact. Quite some time ago I decided to ignore climate change deniers. There is nothing they can do to convince me otherwise and apparently not even the actual climate nor science can convince them. Pat Sajak the guy we see on television for thirty minutes a few times a week -- i'm not sweating it. The people who scare me are the 2166 folks who retweeted and the 1454 who made this tweet a favorite. 

But hey, what do I know!

1) What are your thoughts on climate change and climate change deniers?
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