Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Anita Hill Documentary (Opening 3/21 in New York City, San Francisco & Los Angeles)


The year was 1991. The women's rights movement and the fight against gender inequality in the workplace, hit the main stage -- The United States Congress, during the Senate confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas. We lost that day. Anita Hill who was a victim of sexual harrasement in the workplace, arrived on the Hill in October 1991 to testify and do what she thought was the right thing. Anita attempted to change the dialogue and handling of sexual haarasement in the workplace. Anita Hill thought she would set herself and millions of other women free, by telling the truth. What she did not anticipate, was the media shit storm that ensued at the hands of US Senate Judiciary Committee (then led by Senator Joseph Biden), in which she was publicy put on trial for the harrasement she suffered.

We all know how this story ended. Clarence Thomas was confirmed and has now been on the bench of the United States Supreme Court for over 22-years.

Uncle Tom, High-Tech Lynching, Uppity -- who could forget these words.

Ladies and Gentleman, in a must see documentary Anita Hill finally tells us her full story.
Watch the trailer


If you live in New York City, Ms. Hill will hold an in person Q&A session at the 4:30pm and 6:45pm screenings on Friday, March 21st at The Film Society of Lincoln Center.

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