Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HBO Game of Thrones S4 Trailer: The Devil Inside

Enjoy the latest HBO Game of Thrones trailer embedded below. As always, if you've already read the books or know what happens next please don't reveal spoilers for this season. Youtube is full of people who gain perverse joy from doing things like that. Weird. Anyway there are a lot of new characters. And some older characters go thru changes. I am looking forward to this season. The creators have started to move the pacing of book events around more and more. There is less of a one-to-one relationship between book and season. This could be good. The creators have said they don't want to do more than seven seasons. GRRM only has five books written at this time. He's not the fastest writer so there's a chance that unless he's trolling everyone and already has books six and seven written, the story ending could be revealed on screen before print. We shall see. Expect the unexpected, both in life and in the trailer.

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