Monday, February 3, 2014

How The FBI Sabotaged Black America

Happy Black History Month!!!

If you are a regular Urban Politico visitor than you know we celebrate Black History Month 365 days a year. We do however give special attention to the rich history of struggle, innovation, perseverance, as well as injustice that exists in black culture. This February as always we will do what we can to ensure as much of our content reflects this tradition as possible.

To kick things off this year, check out this shocking documentary highlighting the FBI's complete sabotage and attack of black America. It is very unfortunate that within our culture we often believe that we are the perpetrators of our own demise, weather through our collective apathy, or our lack of proper upbringing and enlightenment. What we do not always recognize is that not very long ago there was a collective and systematic war on virtually every aspect of black culture, whether political movement, arts or cultural movement, or simply a gathering of like-minded black people concerned with bettering themselves and their community. This documentary will certainly shed light on this particular aspect of our historically epic struggle.

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