Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Barbara Walters Defends Pedophilia

Something always rubbed me the wrong way about Barbara Walters. I couldn't put my finger on it until her 2008 memoir was published. Walters campaigned for book sales by revealing that she engaged in an affair with former United States Senator Edward Brooke (married man) of Massachusetts. This revelation finally put Walters' true character on display and it was at that point that I fully understood the type of woman she was. So taking her past behavior into consideration, her recent tirade in defense of Woody Allen comes as no surprise to me. However, it's pretty disgusting to see a woman and mother of a daughter make this type of an argument. Regardless of whether or not Barbara believes that Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow (Adopted daughter with Mia Farrow - Allen's former longtime girlfriend), for her to take such a public stance against this young woman's accusations and make excuses for Allen's past behavior -- it's absolutely unacceptable. 

Let's discuss the facts and how all of this came about --

Woody Allen was in a relationship with Mia Farrow from the early 80's until 1992. With Allen, Farrow adopted two children -- Moses Farrow and Dylan Farrow. Dylan admitted to her mother many years later that when she was just 7 years-old, Allen sexually abused her. In that same year Farrow learned of Allen's affair with her adopted daughter from her previous marriage, Soon-Yi. Farrow found nude photo's that Allen had taken of Soon-Yi. Allen admitted to this and later went on to marry Soon-Yi. It was never established (as far as I know) how old Soon-Yi was in the nude photos. However, Soon-Yi was just 10-years old when she met Woody. So there is a pattern here and it is very obvious -- Woody Allen is attracted to children (not young girls as Barbara states). Woody didn't just wake up one morning and take nude photos of Soon-Yi. A relationship and activities must have taken place and the photos were a culmination.

Here is my problem with all of this.... Barbara Walter's a F*&king A$$^&Le for letting any of this spew from her mouth. She doesn't know Woody Allen behind closed doors. I don't care if he is her friend. There is a pattern here and she is choosing to ignore it. Dylan Farrow never got any form of justice for her abuse. An accusation was made and it should have been handled accordingly, but it wasn't. Dylan is coming forward now because she was blown away that "Hollywood Foreign Press" decided to honor Allen with a lifetime achievement award. Granted the award is specifically for his body of work and not his personal life, I can understand why Dylan and her family are upset. Hell, Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children, when through numerous trials and was found not guilty in a court of law. Yes, there is a racial and gender issue here that I could address, but I'll save that for another discussion. My point is, we never saw Michael receive another award from the mainstream bodies. Even before the actual trials, when Michael chose to settle on the accusations against him versus head to court, he was never revered again like he was prior to the accusations.

Barbara can feel how she feels about her friend (even though I disagree and think Barbara is a moron), but don't say that mess in public and don't oppose common sense. The endeavor is difficult enough for any victim of abuse and Barbara should have a bit of compassion.

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