Friday, January 31, 2014

Warren Michigan Police Officer Cuts Off Woman's Weave

I don't have much to say about this. Perhaps it was jealousy of the other woman's hair? Maybe the officer is just always that abusive? Or maybe it's just a bad person using bureaucracy to do wrong.  To some cops being arrested is not bad enough. They need to make sure that the citizen feels completely humiliated. I don't know. The good news is that Officer Najor no longer has the authority of the state to hide behind. Her boss fired her. Although unnecessarily removing someone's hair is not as bad as a beating I am sure the shock and humiliation are similar. And I get the feeling that the officer intended to send a message about who was in charge and who wasn't. So ladies, if you have extensions or weaves, be careful about getting arrested in Warren, Michigan. Because the police might try to cut your hair. Watch news story below the jump.
At many jails, prisoners are required to remove hair extensions that clip in because they could be used as a weapon or to commit suicide. But Charda Gregory didn’t have clip in extensions. She had a weave that was sewn right into her real hair. Charda Gregory is a young mother who loves her hair. And the 22-year-old hair dresser loves changing her style often by using weaves. But Gregory’s hair changed dramatically after an encounter with a Warren Police Officer. 
Even though there’s no audio on the video from inside the Warren Jail, you can see Gregory kick her legs and writhe in pain as the officer plunges scissors into her hair, hacking away at the weave that was sewn into braids on her scalp. “There’s a real simple thing: it’s called right and wrong. And to me this is something that I won’t tolerate, I don’t think the citizens of Warren will tolerate it,” said Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green. Green says Najor’s explanation that she had to remove Gregory’s weave because of alleged threats of suicide makes no sense.
“I don’t buy that’s the proper way to treat a human being.  I don’t think it’s decent, I don’t think there was any reason to do it, and when I look at it – that bothers me,” said Green. Green says as soon as he learned about the incident, he placed Najor on leave and she has since been fired.

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