Saturday, January 4, 2014

Contrition: Fox News vs MSNBC (Video)

Contrition: deeply felt remorse

You may often hear that MSNBC is just as biased as Fox news.  To an extent, what you heard may be correct.  However, MSNBC always lacked the venom and malice often seen on Fox - well, at least to me.  I don't always agree with a lot of the things said on MSNBC (especially from Lawrence O'Donnell), but I never felt that MSNBC was out to inflict (political) harm to their political opponents.  For me, the same can't be said for Fox. The most recent brew ha-has illustrate my point.

By now, many of you are familiar with Fox New correspondent Megyn Kelly's proclamation on the race of both Santa and Jesus and the resulting shit storm.  Similarly, you may be familiar with MSNBC's talking head Melissa Harris-Perry (MHP) and her comments about Mitt Romney's Black grand child - and similarly the resulting shit storm...

While both comments where meant to benign - or so they say - many folks from both sides of the political spectrum were offended, none-the-less.

As a result, both on-air personalities took to their respective programs to respond.  Below are their reactions.  Megyn Kelly's defensive nature and basic mid-finger to those she offended.  Then notice MHP's comments and her contrition.  Even though neither meant to hurt anyone, it happened.  You can apologize, or you can be an ass. Either way, to me, this is what separates the two networks.  There's a right way and a wrong way, which is which?

Megyn Kelly (FoxNews):



Does it even matter? If so, why?
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