Monday, December 23, 2013

The Underground Railroad Wasn't a Real Railroad with Real Trains? (VIDEO)

This morning as I was eating breakfast and surfing the web for my morning "news," I came across the video above. I immediately started laughing and called my sister to ask why she failed to share this episode recap with me. A few minutes later, the laughter turned into utter disgust, anger and sadness.

I'm not sure whom I should be more upset with -- Bravo TV for airing this on national television, Porsha for saying this aloud on national television, or the American school system for leaving another young soul behind. This could very well be a publicity stunt to create buzz and attract ratings to the show and network. Regardless of what happened here, someone needs to be held accountable. The "Underground Railroad" or the plight of slaves to freedom, is not a joking matter nor is it something to be played with for ratings.

Porsha Stewart (the cast member lacking knowledge of American History) is the granddaughter of Hosea Williams. Williams was a trusted member of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's inner circle and a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Porsha often brings this up on the show and cites imperfections of other cast mates as attempts to tarnish her legacy.

I know that Porsha is not the first woman on television to display a low level of intellectualism, but it still bothers me. It seems too coincidental to me. The granddaughter of the civil rights icon happens to take a historical trip through Georgia, touring stops on the "Underground Railroad," but didn't know that it wasn't a real railroad with real trains? Really Bravo TV? Really Porsha?

I tend to be oversensitive on matters like this, so what do you think?


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