Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poll: The Wire vs. Breaking Bad

Earlier this week, I posed a question to my blog partners: With The Wire and Breaking Bad being called 'The Greatest Show Ever,' which is better? They both can't hold the number one spot. The response was interesting and varied. So, I'll ask you all the same question. Which is the better show? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.  A case could be made for neither or both.  Or, as The Janitor stated, it may depend on the season.  All good points.  Also, what makes these shows (and shows like them) so attractive to American audiences?

Also interesting to note: The Wire was only nominated two times for an Emmy.  Both were for writing.  No actors were ever nominated for their work on The Wire.  Why did The Wire receive similar praise to Breaking Bad, but receive none of the accolades?  Breaking Bad has received NUMEROUS EMMY and Golden Globe nominations and wins.  Just asking...

Let me know your thoughts.

  The Wire vs. Breaking Bad

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