Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Kanye West - It's YOUR Ignorance NOT Racism

Visionary Kanye West Shares His Vision w/ Photographer
Visionary. Revolutionary. Inventor.

Originially, I planned to come to you today with a long winded explanation of everything I found wrong with this interview and Kanye West as a person. However, i've decided to take a different route and let you review the evidence and make a decision for yourself.

My thoughts....

Essentially, Kanye has an ambition to expand his creativity beyond music. However, Kanye fails to understand that business is an exercise that carefully evaluates risk and return. The risk of doing business will not yield a return worthy enough for anyone to assume the risk that is Kanye West. This is the issue. Long story short, Kanye's ignorance is to blame for his roadblocks, not racism.

Your thoughts......
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