Friday, September 20, 2013

Daily Show: "It's the Income Inequality Stupid" (Video w/ Robert Reich)

A few years ago we did a post on income inequality that highlighted some of the then-recently publicized stats which showed just how far apart the "haves" are from the "have nots."  Recently, Jon Stewart explored this topic with guest Robert Reich on the Daily Show:

STEWART:  Anytime you talk about when income inequality gets like this or when we start to value investment so much more than labor -- which is what I think has happened over the last 30 or 40 years -- if you bring that up it is "class warfare."  To register a complaint against a system is "class warfare."  Yet to turn around and diminish people because they need food stamp assistance or because they might need other types of assistance that, in this country, have always allowed people struggling to get their footing and find a way out of that predicament, that is never considered, apparently, "class warfare."  That's just looking out for government expenditure.

REICH: Well there is an ideology that has come about in this country that is very very kind of mean spirited, but if you ask somebody who is conservative and saying "well you shouldn't be giving out food stamps" [and] you say "shouldn't it be a country in which everybody who is working full time -- if you're working hard and working full time -- shouldn't you be able to get out of poverty? Shouldn't you be able to raise your family out of poverty?"  And they say "well yeah yeah" and then I say "well if that's the case then shouldn't the minimum wage be raised to being a living wage?"



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