Friday, August 16, 2013

My Two Cents on the "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape"

Harriet Tubman Statue in Harlem
The words "Sex Tape" associated with the name of Harriet Tubman, are outright despicable. It's the highest form of disrespect. It's alarming that our knowledge of such disrespect exists at the hands of a black man, a powerful black man at that. I will not post the video to our site to give it any additional unnecessary attention.
We are the only group of people on the planet who consistently allow outsiders and folks within, to demoralize and demean our history and historical figures. Hell, we allowed Quentin Tarantino to take the serious stain on our nation that is slavery, and turn it into a comedy. We allowed a white actress to feel comfortable enough to take to her twitter account and tweet to her million plus followers "Nigga's in Paris for Real." Not only did we allow her to do this, like brainwashed fools filled with self-hatred, we defended her. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone once again felt comfortable enough to make, cast, and shoot a short film and title it "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape."

When incidents like this occur, I always wonder who gave the thumbs up, the green light, for said project to happen? Who are the two actors in this short film, who reviewed the script and thought it was a great idea for them to sign on, and give credence to such a despicable piece of work?

Harriet Tubman engaging in an intimate encounter with her slave master, while a fellow slave records it, for Harriet to use as blackmail, is entertainment? Something that is funny? Slavery is no laughing matter. It's not a joke or something to make light of, or find humor in. Sex between a slave master and his slave was not fun or some blessed act. It was rape and abuse!

Imagine, I one day got the bright idea to find humor and entertainment in the Holocaust, and decided I would make an "Anne Frank Sex Tape," how would it be received? Picture a young Anne Frank deciding to turn the tables on Hitler, and engage in fellatio while her uncle records it, in an attempt to blackmail Hitler into setting all Jewish people free. Would this be funny? The answer is no! Not only would I never get such a green light to move forward with such a heinous project, I wouldn't be able to cast it. No one would sign on to do such a thing. You know why, because Jewish people hold the Holocaust as a horrific and despicable tragedy, and they never allow anyone to tell them otherwise. They never allow anyone to defame Holocaust survivors or victims, and they sure as shit never allow anyone to tell them to "get over the Holocaust." So again, my question is, why do we allow such things to happen to our own people?

Harriet Tubman is a national hero and a very important person to our nation's history. She is a more important figure to black history. Her equivalent, Anne Frank is held in the same high regard by Jewish people. Hitler was a despicable person, and so were slave masters.

Next time someone attempts to take a piss on our history or one of our historical figures, I would like anyone who attempts to cosign to ask themselves, what would a Jewish person do in the same situation? It's time we take a page from their book and start to defend one another.

That's All! Feel free to sound off.....
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