Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mid-Term Negligence: If you didn't vote in 2010, then STFU now!

Yep, another rant!
Congratulations to all you "yes we can-ers."  You successfully came out in record numbers in 2008 and again in 2012 in support of President Obama.

In 2008, you believed in the impossible.  You believed in the "fierce urgency of now."  You didn't want a "Red America" or a "Blue America." Nope.  Not you!  You wanted the "United States of America."

However, as you lounged in your IKEA and sipped your Moscato, you neglected your duties in the mid-term.  I'm not sure folks really know how important the mid-term elections are.  Unfortunately, some of you may never, know.  Since you neglected to come out and vote in 2010, right-wing extremists started chipping away at your rights to even cast a vote.  Good luck.

What, you thought mid-terms didn't matter?  You thought it was the election for the student body president and a couple of down ticket folks?  Wrong!

Have you been paying attention to the "Moral Monday" protests in North Carolina?  No?  Well, I know you heard about the forty Obamacare repeal votes, right?  Or maybe the five (make that six) threats to shutdown the entire U.S. government, the attack on women's rights, union busting, or the Governor of Florida?   Anything?

I ask because I put some of the blame for these issues on you!  Yeah, I said it.

You stayed home during the mid-terms and allowed the inmates to take over the asylum.  Because you stayed home, traditionally blue states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan turned their fates over to Republican governors (how's that working out for you?).  States with Republican majorities went even FURTHER to the right putting strangle holds on state legislatures.  Your apathy provided fuel for the right-wing bomb strapped to America's chest.  

How's this for a list:
  • Racial Profiling perpetrating as immigration reform. Check!  
  • Jim Crow-like voter suppression laws pretending to be a crack down on voter fraud. Yep, got it! 
  • Legislating the rape of women to help stupid women from making bad decisions.   You betcha!
  • Complete and total blockade of any type of gun safety conversations because implementing a background check to prevent ex-felons from purchasing a gun is somehow an attack on their second amendment rights. Hell yeah!
  • Radicalize the right-wing and tell everyone who'll listen that it's a grass root organization? Yep, and we almost got the White House too! 
Yep, you stayed home and they stuck it to you (and me).  I know that the Presidential election is like voting for Beyonce and the mid-terms are like voting for the Kelly, but not participating in the mid-term has us all looking like Michelle, no one wins.

Look at what's at stake during the mid-terms: EVERY seat in the U.S. House of Representatives; one third (33) of the U.S. Senate; and, over half (36) of all the governorships.  Hell, a case could be made that the mid-terms are MORE important than the Presidential elections.

Adding insult to injury, not only did the 2010 mid-term elections give power to a group of people who have no interest in sharing the country with individuals who look, act, and think differently than they do, but it also fell on the same year as the U.S. Census.  The results of the census determined the number of seats that each state receives in the House of Representatives and the number of votes each state has in the Electoral College.  Some states lost seats and others gained seats.  Furthermore, the shift in population opened the door for the far right to redo voting districts giving them the political advantage at the state level and in the House of Representatives.  Because you decided to stay home, the far right looked at the map and redrew the lines turning far right districts into EXTREMELY far right districts.  You like political gridlock and a "do nothing congress?"  Well, you got one.  With an EXTREMELY far right district, there's no reason for their representatives to even try to govern

Am I being unfairly harsh?  Maybe.  Is it worth it?  I think so.  You don't like how the White Male power structure treats EVERYONE else not like them (women, Black men, All Hispanics, Gay and Lesbian, etc.)?  You're concerned that 'protected' groups are watching Republican controlled governments take away the rights of people that don't look like them?  Then why did you stay your ass at home during the mid-terms?  Is that you holding a sign protesting?  Really?  Wow!  Does that mean you will get up and vote in 2014?  If not, I'd rather you STFU when the proverbial shit hits the fan and sit down somewhere.  You're part of the problem, not the solution.
Thanks for reading.
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