Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Congrats to The Janitor!!

You may have noticed that one of our blogging partners, The Janitor, has been hard to find on the blog for the past few weeks or so. Well we hope you noticed. Because we certainly did. No we didn't suspend his blogging privileges nor was he caught up in the recent $96 million FBI crackdown on security fraud. Well at least that's what he tells us, though he also constantly urges us to stay off the phones, check our cars for bugs and never write anything down. Hmm. No, actually while the rest of us were living our simple lives of quiet desperation, this brother right here was reaching for the brass ring. He was doing the corporate equivalent of those classic scenes in any of your favorite kung fu movies when the solitary hero goes into the woods to pick up a whole new fighting style. He then uses this style to wreak bloody revenge on those retrograde rascals who dishonored his family and dishonored Shaolin Temple. So I expect that The Janitor will soon be back full time on the blog doling out in equal measure legal aphorisms and virtual boots to the head. In short Gentle Readers, our Master of Disaster, my Brother from another Mother, the Hardest Working Man in New York, and the Star of Star Time, has just taken and passed the Patent Bar.

So not only does this give this young man more knowledge and skills about his chosen field, which is always a good thing of course, but it will also give him greater flexibility in his future endeavors. He becomes an even bigger fish in what I'm given to understand is a shrinking pool. One day we'll all be able to say "I knew him when...". 

Congratulations Janitor!!!

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