Friday, July 26, 2013

What German Sounds Like

Some years ago in a different department and on a different project I worked with a number of Germans. They were like anyone else once I got to know them. Some were nice, some not so much. Each man or woman was a different individual. I learned a lot from some of them. I learned to stay away from others. But listening to them speak their native language to each other always sounded to me, well something like the video below. I love listening to German opera but as I used to joke with some German co-workers, German is the perfect language for telling people what to do. I'm not yet convinced of its utility for sweet nothings or lullabies. It is difficult for me to detect anger in German language since almost everything sounds angry. And I have the same problem detecting anger in Zulu since some of the saddest and/or angriest Zulu music almost always sounds happy to me. So it goes. That is the problem with only speaking one language. I should have buckled down and learned different languages when I had the chance. Obviously this video is a parody and an extreme exaggeration and not meant to be anti-German.... =)

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