Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Call This a Comeback!

Former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer to Run for New York City Comptroller

I want to crawl under a rock, go to sleep and wake up a Republican. Republicans don't make stupid political moves like this. They also don't make decisions like this that will damage the party or set it back. Yes, the Republican Party has committed the political felony of refusing to adjust their ideologies to accommodate today's electorate. Despite that flaw, you can always count on them to demonstrate order and strategic alignment. What do I mean by strategic alignment? The Republican Party will lie, cheat, and steal to keep traditionally Red States red, or hold on to positions that are often held by Republicans. Sounds bad, but that's strategy. Can someone please tell me why can't Democrats do the same? First Anthony Weiner, now Eliot Spitzer. 

We all know the story of Eliot Spitzer's hypocrisy and indiscretions. If you are unfamiliar, I will spare you the details here, but take a moment to Google "Client#9" or click here. The problem I have with Eliot Spitzer and his decision to seek political redemption can be broken into three categories: This Makes No Sense, New York City Doesn't Need Another Lesson in Hypocrisy, and This is Not the Time nor the Place.

This is Not the Time nor the Place

New York City government is traditionally a mix between the two parties. We can call New York a Blue State, but can't necessarily call New York City as blue city. Despite this, there are always breaks where one party has had control for a period of time, and there is almost an unspoken mandate on the table for fresh blood. That is where New York City is right now. The 2013 election is a prime opportunity for us to elect fresh blood with fresh bold ideas, to move the city forward. It's also a prime time for Democrats to be the candidates who deliver on that mandate. However, in order for Democrats to prevail, there must be cohesion and alignment in the party. We've already shown the world that we lack that with Anthony Weiner throwing his hat into the Mayoral race, and essentially splitting the Democratic vote and causing a major distraction. Now Eliot Spitzer has come up with the bright idea to do the same? Come on gentleman, you have to be much smarter than this. Judging by the haste and timing of these two men's announcement of their decisions, I can see that these were not well thought out or executed decisions. Sorry Eliot, this is not the time nor the place for you to seek redemption or attempt to revive your political career!

This Makes No Sense

When I say that this makes no sense, I mean this really makes no F^&king sense whats so ever. Who in the hell goes from Governor to City Comptroller? I don't care what city it is or how much the books contain, this is stupid. Former Republican Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford was a victim of his own behavior as well, just a few years ago. You may remember he ran away to the jungles of Brazil to be with his soul mate.  Like Eliot,  he was thinking with the wrong head, and it cost him his job. Disgraced, he resigned from the Governorship. Just this year he made a political comeback. One that made sense! He ran for a congressional seat, ironically the very seat he held prior to becoming Governor. That's a political comeback. He didn't run for the school board or city council, he ran for a congressional seat, which tells me he may have his eye on his old job in the Governors mansion. If Eliot Spitzer truly wanted to make a political comeback, he should have run for his old job, Governor or Attorney General. Hell, run for the Senate, or Congress. Governor to City Comptroller, sounds like a punk move to me. Be a man, step up to the plate and take on a real challenge, not one you deem to be an easy way in. 

New York City Doesn't Need Another Lesson in Hypocrisy

This could be me reading more deeply than I should, but hey, i'm going to go deep. When Eliot Spitzer ran for Attorney General, he was against the normal workings of the office of Attorney General of New York, and was really looking to shake things up. You could say he was judgmental and felt he was some sort of god send to clean up a mess. He took this attitude with him all the way to Albany. This is the Attorney General who shook down Wall Street and threw people in jail. Spitzer pissed off a lot of people. My apprehension lies in the thought that Spitzer thinks that there is a problem with the finances of New York City, and believes himself to be the one to be Mr. Fixer-Upper. It's judgmental and looks like it could lead to some more hypocritical and questionable behavior. What skeletons does Eliot Spitzer have hiding in his closet? 

Spitzer has until this Thursday to collect 3,750 signatures to get his name on the ballot for the November election. Let's see if he can do it. 

Give me your thoughts.....

1) Should Eliot Spitzer run for New York City Comptroller?
2) Does Eliot Spitzer deserve forgiveness or a second chance at holding a political office?
3) Governor to City Comptroller? What do you think of this maneuver?
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