Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Question: Wouldn't We give President Romney Credit for Current Economic Success?

Despite conservative talking points stating the contrary, the economy is actually improving.  Now, we shouldn’t be under the illusion that things are perfect and all is well, but we are in a far better place today than we were before President Obama took office.  So while we hear political pundits with ulterior motives talk about how up in arms we’d all be if Benghazi happened under a Republican administration, I’m curious why they remain silent about the recovering economy.  Especially since we know what the message would be if Romney had won the most recent election.

Again, while not perfect, it is hard to ignore the general economic numbers.  Also, while the devil is in the details, let’s not pretend that those details would make it into ANY of the conservative talking points.  With that being said, based on the standards used to illustrate the bad economy, it sure does appear that the tide has turned: the unemployment rate fell to 7.5%, the “Dow” is up more than 14% hitting record highs above 15,000 points, and consumers are starting to spend money increasing at a rate of 3.2%.  The economy grew 2.5% in the first quarter of 2013 and new home sales rose nearly 19%.  Not to mention that the public sector continues to shrink and government spending is on the decline.  Bottom line: the numbers look good and show that the economy is healing.  And all this on the heels of the worst recession since the great depression, political and budgetary ineptitude, European economic turmoil, and, contrary to conservative talking points, rising taxes.

However, as anemic as “they” claim the recovery to be, could you even imagine the right wing talking points if the economic metrics were EXACTLY the same but occurring under a Romney administration?  Wouldn't conservatives attribute this "blossoming economy" to President Romney?  Not only would you hear how Romney was the super elixir we all needed but also how removing the cancer that was the failed Obama Administration was the best decision the citizens ever made - right up there with protecting the Second Amendment from liberal drone-guided usurpers.  All conservatives should rejoice while liberals eat crow! 

The Democratic Response
You’d never hear the end of it.  We’d owe Romney a hero’s thank you.  Obama would take his rightful place in history right next to President Carter and those traveling to the Nation’s Capital would fly into the newly minted Romney/Reagan International Airport.  And every four years, you’d be constantly reminded about how Romney, Ryan, and the Republicans saved the country from the evil clutches of the villainous Obama and his horde of democratic overlords.  Grover Norquist would treat this as a bed time stories and read his children to sleep at night.  The whole conversation would be different.  And while I’m picking on conservatives but the truth is that liberals are no better.  They’d resort to some futile argument about how Obama loosened the lid before Romney took over.  Why is that?  Anyone with any political acumen knows this to be true. 

The truth is that we give credit and blame to the POTUS for things they have little to no control over and this would be yet another in the long list of political position jockeying.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: our current political environment I in an extremely sad state and attributing blame and withholding credit – whether it’s accurate or not – is based on political affiliation instead of American progress.  #sosad 

Thoughts?  Wouldn’t Romney receive mounds of praise if he were president and had the same economy as today? 

If you do not believe so, why not?
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