Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guest Post: Baltimore Prison Love Black Guerilla Family Style

Today's guest post comes from Obsidian who shares his views on the recent Baltimore prison scandal. Let him know what you think in the comments. He can also be reached at his blog The Obsidian Files.
By now, you've probably heard about the latest activities of the prison gang/organized crime outfit, the Black Guerilla Family - the local Baltimore chapter chief, one Tavon "Bulldog" Smith, seems to have been up to quite a bit during his stay in the state's prison. Among other things (like running a full-service drug dealing operation from his prison cell), he seems to have impregnated at least four of the thirteen Black female prison guards that serviced him and other members of the BGF.
"Four corrections officers became pregnant by one inmate. Two of them got tattoos of the inmate’s first name, Tavon — one on her neck, the other on a wrist. The guards allegedly helped leaders of the Black Guerilla Family run their criminal enterprise in jail by smuggling cellphones, prescription pills and other contraband in their underwear, shoes and hair."

For those of us who follow the news headlines and examine them through the lens of EvoPsych and Game, none of these developments comes as any shock or surprise, nor is the incidence of "prison romances" anything new. Indeed other blogs have covered such stories in the not too distant past, where we find the rough-and-ready, yet sensitive-and-charismatic Prison Guy wooing the female prison guard or psychologist. While some have excoriated the powers that be for what they see as the very real downsides of the increased participation of women in what were traditionally all male workspaces, I have a differing tack on this thing.

I see the BGF and related incidents as our psychosexual hardwiring being exposed to the harsh light of day - and I think this, at least as much if not more than anything else, is what bothers a goodly number of MEN, more than anything else. I mean, let's face it - when's the last time you've read about these stories, and have seen hordes of women rising up in righteous indignation over it? Yea, that's what I thought. 

No, it's mainly guys who take umbrage to these stories - about how the women would/could get involved with the supposed dregs of society, and so forth. Underneath all the "Save Western Civilization" outrage, is the very real sense of sour grapes. 

And, there would be some truth there - after all, women being fully self-supporting would mean that their mating calculus would change, as to be expected for any human when he or she encounters a changed environment; they would be fully expected to adapt. And contrary to the dogmas of others along these lines, the simple truth of the matter is that humanity has a wide menu of mating options and strategies, both short and longer term, and can and will select one depending on the particularities of the situation they find themselves in at the time. 

So, for me, the Black Prison Guard Ladies who got with Mr. Bulldog, were merely choosing the best choice from among the mating options that were on the table; just because there were more "stable, productive" and most importantly, "law-abiding" Black men available on the outside, they clearly lacked something that did it for these ladies, and they opted to get with the aforementioned Bulldog instead. Among other things, he offered material benefits, had good looks/hot physique, and was able to display formidable dominance. These are traits that, among males, are in short supply anywhere, inside the joint or otherwise; and so, when seen from this angle, a purely EvoPsych one, it would make perfect sense for the ladies to do what they did.
So too does it make perfect sense that they would share an Alpha Male - and here too we obliterate another polite fiction. These women didn't have to share anyone with anybody; they made their own money, were gainfully employed, etc, so the notion that women who enter into harems do so because they have no other options simply ain't so. Indeed, if anything - and I've long predicted this - we will see MORE de facto harems, not less, PRECISELY because women, in this case Black women, like it that way. They can and will go in on a timeshare on a obviously successful man, than have a lesser one all to themselves, when push comes to shove. 
In a word, I'm having a hard time seeing what all the hub-bub regarding the BGF - which got started by the prison-love interest of Angela Davis - is all about. After all, when you understand Game and EvoPsych, none of these news stories comes as any great surprise or shock in the least. 

The Obsidian


Why would law abiding women allow low life prison scum to impregnate them?

Are the women rapists because inmates can't consent to sexual acts with guards?

Should guards of one gender be prevented from guarding the opposite gender?

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