Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anthony Weiner Will Run for Mayor of New York City

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner Will Run for Mayor of New York City

Weiner made his announcement in the early hours of Wednesday morning via his twitter page and the YouTube video above. You may recall our previous discussion on the words "Mayor" and "Anthony Weiner" in the same sentence, where I advised that this would be bad for the democratic party and overall ticket. I still feel the same. All I can do is shake my head, because I strongly feel this is a grave mistake. My opposition to Weiner's candidacy is not me holding on to his past indiscretions or believing he doesn't deserve a second chance. Anthony Weiner does deserve a second chance. However, not at this time and certainly not the mayoral race of New York City.

Lord Bloomberg (shout out to Shady) has held reign for 12-years. People are very divided, and either like Bloomberg or despise him. It's time for new blood and new ideas in City Hall. New York City has a plethora of problems that need to be addressed. This is a prime opportunity to really shake things up, and get the thoughts and ideas of a different party on the job. I'm afraid this might ruin our chances of getting new blood and new ideas.

Ferrer and Green, 2001
Anyone familiar with past New York City Mayoral Races knows that we have a dirty history of this thing called a run-off election. A run-off election occurs within the primary election, when a candidate does not secure over 40% of the vote. This often happens when the party is divided among two high profile candidates. In 2001, Michael Bloomberg who was then a Democrat, anticipated this and switched parties to avoid the debauchery of the Democratic Party. The division within the Democratic Primary race, between Freddy Ferrer and Mark Green, led to a run-off which handed us even more division, and delivered City Hall to Michael Bloomberg on a silver platter. Ladies and Gentleman, get ready to watch history repeat itself.

At this point the front runner in the Democratic Primary is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. According to a recent Quinnipac Poll, Christine Quinn holds a  lead of only 25% to Weiner's 15%. You do the math. This is an early indication that this race is headed into run-off territory, because Weiner has just split the vote.

Great Job Democrats! You deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Once again, the party has proven why Republicans are better at Primary Election Strategy then Democrats.

Thoughts please??

1. Are you surprised that Anthony Weiner decided to run for Mayor of New York City?
2. Will Anthony Weiner surpass Christine Quinn in the polls?
3. Are we headed for a run-off election?

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