Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When Will Democrats Learn??

You've heard me say this numerous times on this site, but it bears repeating. I have the utmost respect for the Republican Party when it comes to their precise timing and alignment of party, during elections. Granted, their alignment over the last few years has been around the WRONG candidate, you have to commend their strategy and overall execution. Republicans know how to get in line. I don't know if there is some secret head person that convenes a secret session and hands out the orders, but they do it flawlessly. For the life of me I can't understand why Democrats lack this skill, and have chosen to ignore this one very important play from the "Republican Play Book on Politics." I guess the Democrats aren't scared of losing a race -- the race for Mayor of New York City.

The City of New York is preparing to crown a new mayor. After twelve-years, Lord Bloomberg (that's for you Shady) must abdicate the thrown, and "we the people" must now elect some fresh blood. People are quite divided on Bloomberg's performance over the last twelve years, so the race could go to either party. For Democrats, this should be a no-brainer, a walk in the damn park. At least I thought so, when Speaker of the New York City Council Christine Quinn finally ended speculation, and threw her Manolo's into the race. NOOOOO! In typical Democratic fashion of chaos, division, and lack of unity, they are headed down the path of over complicating the race, and they just could lose this thing. 

This morning as I watched the news in captions during my workout, I saw a headline that stopped me in tracks -- "Anthony Weiner Considering Run for Mayor of New York City." 

Are you F*%KING kidding me??? Has Anthony lost his god forsaken mind??

In a New York Time Magazine Interview, Weiner says he does not know when he will decide about entering the race: 
“the fact that I don’t know tells me I shouldn't run. Or I should not run now.” 

On the current Democratic contenders, Weiner said: 
“I know them all. I like them all.” 

On Christine Quinn's candidacy: 
“The term-limits thing, as an issue, was a deal breaker for me. But, I think the polls are right: Chris Quinn is leading, and then someone will get into a runoff with her. I don’t like runoffs, and I don’t think we should have them so you don’t have these divisive primaries anymore.”

Here is my issue with all of this.... Anthony Weiner shouldn't be saying anything right now. He shouldn't be doing a single interview, and if he does, he should keep his mouth shut on the mayoral race. Let me remind everyone, this is the same crap that happened in 2001 that allowed Bloomberg to cruise in. So if Democrats want to see a repeat, they should certainly continue down this path. Weiner himself, admits  that he wouldn't want to see a runoff debacle occur, yet he is proposing his own candidacy, which would certainly split the vote and force us to runoff territory. This is where the Democrats fail, when it comes to election strategy. You  don't put two high profile candidates up against each other. This is common sense. 

Listen, I'm all for second chances and restarts. However, part of second chances and restarts is demonstrating growth, and in demonstrating that growth I need to see a common sense signal that tells me you are smart enough to know when to embark on all of this. Weiner clearly has not gotten to this stage. It's only been two-years since Weinergate. This timing also shows me that he is still the self absorbed bastard that he was, when he felt comfortable sending inappropriate pics of himself through Facebook to women. He has not learned a damn thing. He is just regaining some semblance of balance and trust, with his wife and 13-month old son. Why in the hell would he even think about dragging them through the mud pit again? Come on!! This reminds me of that over zealous nut job Governor (whom shall remain nameless here), who choose her own self-glorification and political ambition over the needs and sensitivity, of her own daughter. Maybe five-years from now Weiner can make some sort of triumphant comeback to politics. Now is not the time for that comeback, or for Weiner to even play with the thoughts. When will Democrats learn this?

What do you think??

1) Should Anthony Weiner make a return to politics? if yes, then when?
2) Should Anthony Weiner run for Mayor of New York City? If not, why?
3) How would a Democratic Primary look between Quinn, Weiner and Liu?
4) What are your thoughts on Speaker Quinn's decision to vote yes on Bloomberg's term limit extension?
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