Saturday, January 12, 2013

We're Back!!! That's What's UP - The Urban Politico Radio Hour: Sunday, January 13th @ 5PM EST

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to Season 2 of That's What's UP - The Urban Politico Radio Hour

Join us Sunday, January 13th at 5pm (ET) as we talk about the Politics of the United States and beyond.

This weeks discussion:
  • Round 2 of The Obama Administration
    • The Fiscal Deal - What did we get?
    • President Obama nominates Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense, John Brennan to Head the Central Intelligence Agency, and Jack Lew to Secretary of Treasury
    • The looming debt-ceiling debate and budget crisis
    • What should President Obama in his 2nd term?
  • Our National Conversation on Gun Control
    • Vice President Biden meets with the NRA
    • School shooting at California High School on Thursday
    • Should we have a national ban on Assault Riffles?
  • The Urban Beat
    • NYPD Stop and Frisk Policy found unconstitutional
Listen Live Online HERE or 
Call in to join our discussion (424) 675-6844
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