Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Granny's Got a Gun!!!!!

Many people who are hostile to concealed carry or dismissive of an individual right to keep and bear arms like to say "No one needs a gun in today's society" or "Why does anyone need more than x" bullets. Well, recently in Detroit one suburban 56-year old great-grandmother found out that having a gun with a magazine of more than six shots can be pretty handy when you are in the process of being beaten and mugged. I'm glad she was able to defend herself. It seems as if she might need to spend some more time at the range, though. Just maybe.  In any event it's an excellent example of how when it goes down hard, you really can't count on anyone but yourself. Feminism and fatherlessness killed chivalry. Most people don't want to get involved. An older woman can't automatically rely on anyone to come to her assistance if she's being attacked. I used to ride this bus WAY BACK in the old days when I went to U-D. It's the Wild West Side of Detroit. Of course it's a good thing this didn't happen in New York, as under the new law, magazines with more than a seven round capacity are illegal. We are definitely living in strange times. Incidents like this are why I am so vociferously in support of every law abiding person's right to keep and bear arms. We live in neither heaven nor earthly utopia. This world is unfortunately full of people who live to do wrong, some areas more than others, it seems.  When a grandmother feels the need to be ready to come up blasting, something has gone DRASTICALLY wrong in our society. Watch the video below as the lady explains just what went down and how she reacted.

DETROIT (WJBK) -- When a local great grandma couldn't find a good Samaritan to fight off a mugger, she went for the next best thing -- her gun. At 11:30 Thursday morning on a bus near the University of Detroit Mercy, a guy in his early twenties attacked Ramona Taylor-Kamate.
"He said, 'Give me my bag auntie.'  I said, 'I am not your auntie, boy, and this is not your bag.'  So he hit me.  So when he hit me, we started fighting," she explained.
Taylor-Kamate said there were more men than women on that packed bus, but not one guy would help her.  She traded punches with the punk, then he grabbed her purse and ran out on the sidewalk with grandma dragging along.  She said other bus riders yelled he has a gun.
"He reached down like he was going in his boot.  They already [said] he had a gun in his boot.  So he reached down in his boot.  When he reached down, I went in my secret compartment... and got my H&K out and I started shooting at him."
She has a concealed pistol license and said she feared for her life.  She fired her 9 millimeter handgun and emptied the gun.  She said he ran away with her purse and did not appear to be hit.  She had ten rounds in her magazine and one more loaded in the chamber.  She fired all eleven shots.

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