Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5-Year Old Nailla Robinson Found

Over the last few weeks we've all shared and reflected upon the common sentiment that the safest place for a child other than their residence, is a school. Even in those unfortunate circumstances where a home may not be the place of safety and solitude that all children require, we should always be able to count on our schools to shield and protect our children from any unnecessary pain or danger. This story will most certainly continue to unfold over the next few days. People will dig and try to come up with their own conclusion or create scenarios around why this incident took place yesterday. I'm just glad that Nailla Robinson was found at a park nearby from where she was taken. She appeared to be safe and unharmed and will soon be reunited with her family and loved ones. 
According to reports 5-year old Nailla Robinson was abducted by a stranger who posed to school officials and a substitute teacher as her mother, shortly after the school day began on Monday morning. The encounter was captured on surveillance.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29 

Per My Philidelphia Fox News: 

Nailla Robinson was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after she was found around 4:40 a.m. by a passerby. She was hiding beneath playground equipment just outside the city, near 69th Street Terminal. 

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told FOX 29 News that the little girl was found "scantily clad," cold and shivering in the rain. 

The 5-year-old was apparently wearing just a T-shirt and had not been fed. 

Police said she told the man who found her that she had run away from the people who took her. 

The girl is being treated at the hospital and interviewed, and she will later speak with forensic investigators. 

Nailla had been the subject of an Amber Alert. At approximately 8:50 a.m. Monday she was abducted from the William Cullen Bryant Elementary School, located at 6001 Cedar Avenue in Philadelphia, by a female wearing black Muslim-style clothing, police reported. 

No one realized the girl had been taken until an after-school care worker went to her classroom to get her around 3 p.m. 

The woman – who police said was wearing head garb that covered her face and appeared to be pregnant – claimed to be the child's mom. Surveillance video released Monday night showed the child leaving with the woman. 

Detectives from the special victims unit held a news conference later on Tuesday morning to update the status of the case. 

Capt. John Darby of the Philadelphia Police Dept.'s Special Victims Unit said school officials did some level of trying to screen the woman, including having her sign her name. However, the woman then went down to the classroom, said she was taking the child to breakfast and left with her. 

Detectives have conducted several interviews in the case, including with the child. They are trying to ascertain, given the condition in which she was found, whether any sexual assault might have occurred. 

But police say that so far they believe the abductor to be a stranger, and that woman's identity is unknown. 

The local Fraternal of Police is offering a $5,000 reward for capture of the kidnapper. That's in addition to $10,000 reward that was being offered by the mayor's office.

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