Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stacey Dash Supports Mitt Romney and Black Men Lose Their Minds

Stacey Dash -- Men love her and want to have babies with her, and women want her beauty tips embedded into their genetic makeup. Stacey was a hit in the 90's with movies like Clueless and Mo' Money. She faded off our radar, doing a video here or magazine shoot there. Something tells me that Stacey is either looking for work or has a project coming up that requires her to have some sort of relevance or additional name recognition. There is no better way to garner such attention, than to throw your bikini into the fray of politics. This is exactly what Stacey did, when she tweeted the picture to your left and these words.  

"Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future."

Honestly, I don't subscribe to the idea that all black people should be Democrats or that all black people should support President Obama because he's black. However, when you closely review (something I doubt Stacey has done) the platform of the GOP and align them with the issues facing Black America and the necessary solutions, it's hard to understand why any black person would support the Republican Party let alone vote for Mitt Romney. But hey, to each his own. 

Here is Stacey talking to Pier Morgan last evening about her "controversy."

"The fury, I really don't understand the fury," she told Piers Morgan. "I don't understand it. I don't get it...I was shocked, saddened. Not angry. Saddened and really shocked. But you know what, you can't expect everyone to agree with you."

I'm not taking Stacey seriously and neither should you, but hey what do I know. 

Let the Fawning Begin - 5,4,3,2,1.........
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