Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update: If You Can't Win Cheat? - Does Tagg Romney Own Voting Machines in Swing States?

UPDATE: There appears to be a valid concern about the Romney family possibly having a conflict of interest through their investment selections. Tagg Romney owns the private equity fund Solamere, and its believed that Solamere had invested in an investment firm that holds shares to a company that owns voting machines. Per the Huffington Post: and

A private equity company run by fervent supporters of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney bought the third-largest voting machine company in the country last July, raising concerns about the appearance of impropriety, if not the possibility of impropriety itself.

H.I.G. Capital is a Miami-based private equity fund that manages $8.5 billion in capital. Hart Intercivic is a company exclusively in the business of manufacturing and programming voting systems.

H.I.G. Capital's co-founder, Anthony Tamer, previously worked at Bain & Company, the global consulting giant where Romney was once CEO. Eight of the company's managing directors came from Bain as well. Tamer and his wife are major Romney donors, having each contributed $50,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future. Tamer has also donated $75,000 to the Romney Victory Fund.

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As originally reported on their site:

The Romney family is trying to steal our votes by “TAGG” TEAMING President Obama through Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney’s ownership of voting machines in SWING STATES?

Why has the media been silent about this BLATANT conflict of interest, which seeks to undermine the very fabric of our democracy.
It’s becoming crystal clear that Mitt Romney & Co. know they cannot win this election fair and square with the extreme policies of the Romney/Ryan ticket and the Republican Party IDEOLOGICAL platform.

A Presidential candidate or his family owning voting machines to be used in swing states is a conspiracy of epic proportions. This needs to be brought to an immediate halt.
Read about it here:
Sound off......

1. Is this a conflict of interest?
2. Is Mitt Romney looking to steal this election or is this a conspiracy theory?
3. Less than two weeks away from election day is there anything we can do to stop Mitt Romney from cheating?
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