Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rise of a Third Party?

A while back I came to the realization that basically anything that comes out of the mouth of she who will not be named is better left undignified lest one be sucked into her fantasy land where logic and reason have no meaning.  That being said, she did somehow manage to raise an interesting point the other day on Fox News about the rise of a third party - the Tea Party.

Now this sparked some interesting dialogue amongst my fellow bloggers as to whether the Tea Party -- or any party for that matter -- can be sustained in this two party country of ours.  America has had Democrats vs. Republicans for about a century and a half now and that's pretty much all we've known.  Sure, a small third party might pop up here or there, and to be sure, some are still around as we speak.  But we're talking about the rise of a third party that could actually give the Dems and Republicans a run for their money.

Now, logistics aside, I find the prospect of the Tea Party stepping out from behind the shadow of the Republican party rather interesting.  The Republican party has, after all, nursed the Tea Party through its infancy stage but it has become more and more clear that "establishment" Republicans have the same type of awkward relationship with the Tea Party that the "establishment" Democrats had with the southern "Dixiecrats" during the 1960's just prior to the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Once that law was signed into place by President Lyndon B. Johnson, Johnson famously said that the Democrats had lost the south for a generation.  He was right.  Without knowing it, he was actually talking about was the Tea Party, only back then they obviously weren't known by that name.

Since our nation's founding, this collection of like-minded individuals has raised hell every time the entire nation is not run the exact way that they believe it should be run.  They've shown us time and time again that they'd rather shut this whole thing down, secede from the union, and fight a civil war rather than admit that their way of thinking about things simply is not the way the rest of us think about things.  And that's why I would LOVE to see the Tea Party break out on its own and promptly fall flat on its face.  I think it will be a great lesson in humility for those who seem to be suffering from the delusion that the entire United States of America should act  think, dress, speak, look like and at all times show deference to the wisdom that is the White male power structure. 

The Tea Party breaking out on their own would finally give all of those like-minded individuals a chance to see that when you constantly alienate women, minorities, and people of different faiths than yours, there's only one outcome that can come from that in the most diverse nation on Earth: you lose.  Sure, you might win a House seat here or there, but I hope you like being relegated to representing small districts and towns for the rest of your life because you have no shot at winning any type of state-wide or nation-wide election where, you know, everybody gets to vote.  Not just people who think like you.  I know.  Bummer, right?  That damned Constitution strikes again.

Indeed, I predict that 4 years after establishing itself as an official party in the U.S., either 1 of 2 things will happen: (A) they'll either learn to play nice with everybody else, or (B) they'll go the way of the dinosaur. 

Either option is fine by me. 

And in the meanwhile, who knows - maybe having a national 3rd party emerge will be just the type of jolt the other 2 parties need to get their respective acts together and realize that they need to, oh I dunno, actually start doing something for a change instead of taking America's votes for granted.

A man can dream, right?

1. Tea Party breaking out on their own - good or bad?
2. What would happen to the Republican Party if it actually separated from the Tea Party?
3. How would this affect the identity of the Democrats?
4. What is the likelihood that we will see ANY third party sustain itself in our current political climate?
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