Monday, September 24, 2012

Did the Romney Campaign Misjudge the Electorate?

*hat tip to Fed_Up for posing this idea on Sunday's episode of "That's What's Up" - The Urban Politico Radio Hour.

It's been an interesting week in politics. We are approaching the final stretch of the election. The first Presidential Debate will take place on October 3rd in Denver, Colorado and will focus on domestic policy, and two more Presidential Debates and one Vice Presidential Debate will take place prior to our November 6th election. We have two clearly defined candidates seeking our vote. One guy has told us that he is not concerned about 47% of the nation because they support his opponent, and we have the incumbent who tells us that he cares for all Americans and is willing to govern in the best interest of all. That's nice of the incumbent to say he cares, but according to the news cycle and various talking heads - he should be toast. Mitt Romney should be sitting in his yacht on cruise control deciding which designers will decorate the White House when he and Ann move in. Plain simple english - Mitt Romney should be kicking President Obama's ass! So why is Romney struggling?

Mitt Romney has taken us on a ride. He was a moderate Republican Governor of Massasschuetts and in 2008 he was the Republican candidate with a health care plan (RomneyCare). Today, Romney is a different candidate each day of the week. 

I don't believe that Mitt Romney misjudged the electorate, in fact he made the correct assumptions about the electorate. Romney's failure lies in the strategy he chose to implore to gain votes. Despite recent jokes on Saturday Night Live and Real Time with Bill Maher, the independent/middle/undecided voter is who Romney should have targeted with his strategy. Republicans and Conservatives are in disgust (for no factual reason) with the current President and his administration, and they literally have the "Anyone but Obama Syndrome." As Janitor pointed out on our show, the media has essentially created a fictional portrait of President Obama that doesn't exist. We know that this portrait is false and are able to decipher the facts from fiction, but there is a large majority of the electorate who are not able to do so. Romney and his campaign were fully aware of this going into the campaign. 

There is the Primary Election and the General Election, and both parties usually understand the concept of pivot from one to the other -- except Romney for some odd reason. Thinking back to the "reality show" that was the Republican Primary, I think that Romney could have stood his ground and maintained middle ground against his opponents. To counter their attacks all he had to do was speak to the base and independent/middle/undecided voters by saying hey "I Can Beat President Obama." I know that some of you will disagree with me, but I challenge you to really think about this. Many people believe that there is also an enthusiasm gap in the Republican/Conservative base and I disagree with this idea. Romney had the election in the palm of his hands and has handed it off. 

Romney should have exited the Primary Election from the middle and embraced the newly democratic ideas that were once republican ideas. He could have run on a platform as a uniter, someone who had better leadership capabilities than President Obama and the innate ability bring the parties together. With this type of a strategy he still could have gotten away with not telling us his exact plans. 

But hey maybe its just me! What do you think?

Did the Romney Campaign Misjudge the Electorate?
Pretending Voter Suppression is taken out of the equation, can Romney beat President Obama on November 6th?
What changes would you have made to the overall strategy of the Romney Campaign, post primary election?

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