Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats and Choice

Occasionally people on the progressive end of the political spectrum, which tends to be where I am most comfortable, like to point out what they see as the hypocrisy of the Republican pro-life and religious conservative contingent, some of whom, despite mouthing platitudes to small government and rugged American individualism, spend an awful lot of time worrying about such things as how to use government to discourage or prevent things like gay marriage, sex education, teaching that homosexuals are no better or worse than anyone else, and of course abortion. Many progressives triumphantly say that these inconsistencies (as they see them) show that the Republicans and/or pro-life advocates or defenders of traditional marriage really aren't about small government at all and should evidently just go sit down and shut up. Or something. =) It's always fun to point out that people that you don't like anyway are also wrong factually and logically.

But if there's one thing I believe and know to be true it's that hypocrisy is a human condition, not a partisan one. Many of the people who like to claim the mantle of choice and individual freedom, at least when it comes to abortion, aren't necessarily huge defenders of such ideas when it comes to other sections of human life. The same people who want government out of abortion choices often want government involved in lots of other intimate decisions. Hypocrisy? Well I am just shocked I am. A libertarian website pranked DNC delegates into discussing what choices they thought should not be up to the individual. Again, all of us are tight little bundles of reason and emotion, hypocrisy and sincerity. None of the people in this video are necessarily evil or bad, but I do think that occasionally people on all sides should realize that they may not have a monopoly on "good" thinking. There are tons of different perspectives in the world. There are a multitude of ways to be "good".

Where does a person's right to make choices for themselves end?
Does government get to constrain those choices?

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