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The Urban Politico Interview - Wayne Powell

The Urban Politico Interview - Wayne Powell of Virginia's 7th Congressional District 

FULL INTERVIEW w/ Wayne Powell after the jump

*Editors Note - I reached out to Representative Eric Cantor's reelection campaign office via email and voicemail and didn't receive a response. On Friday afternoon I called the office once again and was able to speak with someone who told me that someone would get back to me. I will attempt to reach out one more time this week to secure an interview with Rep. Cantor, or to at least get his comments on the race. 

Friday afternoon I had the opportunity to interview Wayne Powell of Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Wayne was profiled on our site on Friday as well. If you haven't had a chance to read about him be sure to circle back. Mr. Powell is looking to defeat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Powell is smart, understands the issue at hand, is willing to engage across the political aisle and has a stellar and very impressive military background.

** in discussing the US unemployment rate, I inadvertently said the rate was 8.2%. Correct rate is 8.3%
*** in discussing his years of service, Wayne Powell inadvertently said he was called back to service in 2011. Correct year was 2001.

On Sunday's Episode of "That's What's UP" - The Urban Politico Radio Hour, we played excepts from the interview and had a roundtable discussion about the various issues and the differences between the two candidates.

In our interview with Wayne, we discussed the American Jobs Act, the Affordable Care Act, Department of Defense spending, the Debt-Ceiling debate, the Unemployment Rate, the current dysfunction of the US Congress, and why he is the right man to represent the 7th District. 

Key Points on Wayne:

Wayne supports the Affordable Care Act and would have voted for it were he in the US House of Representatives. He believes that the bill can be strengthened and would like to take a look at the public option again. 

Wayne believes that the current US Tax Code needs to be reformed, higher income earners should pay their fair share in taxes, and that we should end oil company subsidies and close all of the tax loopholes.

Wayne understands the true definition of compromise and would be a candidate who reaches across the aisle to work with his congressional colleagues regardless of party affiliation. 

Wayne supports the military but believes that spending cuts could be applied to the Department of Defense. Because of his military background and career as a small business owner, he could look at the Department of Defense budget and assess where the proper cuts should be made. Not only does Wayne support our nation's bravest in uniform, he served our country for 30-years. 

Take a listen to the interview, give us your thoughts and answer a few questions.......

1. What did you think about the interview?
2. What do you think of Wayne Powell, the candidate?
2. If you live in the Virginia's 7th District, did you know about Wayne's candidacy?
3. What are your thoughts on the Department of Defense Budget, strengthening the Affordable Care Act, or the current US Tax Code?

Wayne Powell for Congress
Can Cantor

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