Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC Wednesday Recap: Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice

Last night it was "Showtime at the Republican National Convention." They pulled all the stops and gave a subliminal checkmate to President Obama - former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice took the stage to discuss Foreign Policy. Vice Presidential Nominee, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan formerly accepted the party's nomination, giving a very rousing speech that was sure to fire up the conservative base. There were several other speakers including New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee/US Senator from Arizona John McCain. I caught the last two speeches of the evening so let's discuss. 

Without a shadow of doubt, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cannot be denied credit for her rise to political power. She is indeed a hell of a speaker and she brought the fire last night. I've quoted Condoleezza a few times on this blog because post Bush Administration, she has had some powerful stuff to say about women and our rise to the glass ceiling. However, just because you do a few good things it doesn't erase the bad things. Condoleezza could have taken the road that former Secretary of State Colin Powell took - sitting back in the cut and not saying anything. Nope, Condoleezza still feels the need to back this party (which she is entitled to and has the right to) and continue to perpetuate their lies. I'm starting to feel that she truly believes this stuff. She opened her speech with 9/11. Oh my goodness! My heart nearly sank to my stomach when I heard these opening words. Could you imagine if any democrat would have done the same or if any Democrat or the President opens a speech next week, talking about the capture of Osama Bin Laden? It would be complete and utter chaos, they would call for his head right away. The high point of her speech for me, was her calling out of our failure of an education system, and her highlights of her personal story going from the segregated south to Secretary of State. 

Here is the full speech:

However much the speech blew me away and had me shaking my head, nothing blew me away more than Condoleezza's post speech interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC.

Via Chris Matthews, Andrea asked:

"Your speech was so overwhelmingly positive — but was it kind of a rejoinder to all the birtherism and the narrowness she’s heard in their party?”

Secretary Rice's Response: 

“Well, I think on both sides of the aisle, quite frankly, we’re hearing some voices for America to pull back,” Rice responded. “It would be a shame if America pulls back, because we’ve done so much good in the world. … That was the theme of the speech, and I had a great audience. It was well received.”

Secretary Rice was also later asked about the voter suppression movement by her party and she glossed over it, as if it didn't exist. 

Paul Ryan repeated a lot of the stuff he said in his earlier acceptance speech in Virginia, when Mitt Romney announced him. I won't bore you with a rehash of my thoughts. The speech was definitely electrifying, held my attention and didn't bore me, but once again he used offensive code phrases that I was able to distinguish and put them into perspective with my life and lives of others around me.  

Tonight is the big night! Join us for a live chat this evening during Governor Romney's Acceptance Speech. Come back to the cite around 9.30 and we can chat about the speeches that have taken place prior to Romney's, and our general thoughts on the election going forward. 

For now, share your thoughts on the convention so far...........................
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