Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recap of Tuesday's Republican National Convention

Well the day has finally come. As of Tuesday, former Governor of Massachusetts, Willard "Mitt" Romney is officially the Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America, along with his Vice Presidential running mate Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Despite a highly contentious primary season and present day threats of a hurricane and dangerous weather conditions, the Republican Party is doing what they do best - putting their personal interests aside, concentrating on the party, getting in line and throwing their support behind the chosen one. In their first prime-time evening, they gave us a well orchestrated message and told America why Mitt's the guy to lead our nation for the next four years. 

Here is a quick recap of what I caught and my thoughts.......

The star of the evening and one who gave the most electrifying speech that personified the Republican Party and their conservative principles was the former US Senator of Pennsylvania - Rick Santorum. I have to give Rick some credit, because he was the most vocal opponent of Governor Romney's candidacy. Out of all the candidates, Santorum appeared to be the most in alignment with the core values and principles of the base. In fact, I believe that had Santorum become the presumptive nominee he would have run a more successful campaign than Governor Romney. 

Here is Rick's full speech:

With listening to Rick's speech and the rest of the speeches, you must remember that the job of these speeches is to fill in any blanks that the nominee may have failed to fill. They also must present the party as united and in complete alignment with the principles of the base. Well boy oh boy did Rick Santorum deliver. The quote from his speech that stood out the most to me was this:

"My grandfather, like millions of other immigrants, didn't come here for some government guarantee of income equality or government benefits to take care of his family."

You all can let that one marinate the way I did and come to your own conclusions and opinions. 

Kasich took credit for Obama Administration policies and the stimulus package which tremendously helped his state. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fell flat. Taken out of his usual element of confrontation and intimidation, he walked the line of tough guy and candidate (2016) in waiting. For a Keynote, it was pretty weak. Condoleezza Rice should have been the keynote if you ask me. 

Taking a page from the Obama playbook (yes I know Michelle Obama was NOT the first wife to speak at a national convention), Ann Romney made a pitch for her husband and attempted to show America that they are indeed a normal couple who pulled themselves to where they are in life today. 

Ann started her speech by telling of their early life. This quote stood out to me:

"There were many reasons to delay marriage, and you know? We just didn't care. We got married and moved into a basement apartment. We walked to class together, shared the housekeeping, and ate a lot of pasta and tuna fish. Our desk was a door propped up on sawhorses. Our dining room table was a fold-down ironing board in the kitchen. Those were very special days."

It's hard for me to go along with this statement and the picture that Ann was trying to paint. Ann and Mitt made the choice to live in that basement apartment, they were not there because it was their only option for housing. This simple principle is something that both Ann and Mitt have failed to grasp throughout this campaign. I don't know that I can fault them, because this is the only life that they both know. They could have made a phone call or gone to a parent and said "we really need help with funding a place to live." There is a fraction of America who DO NOT have this option. This statement and past statements makes them appear to be oblivious. 

Great speech otherwise. 

In case you missed take a listen and give us your thoughts on the speeches and RNC so far. 

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