Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Ugly Black Babies"

Just 7 days ago I had the nerve to question did women win the war on women because seven key provisions of women's health must be covered by insurance companies under the Affordable Care Act. I surmised in the end the provisions did not signal a decisive victory and now there's proof the provisions of the Affordable Care Act may not have even been a victory at all. Especially for Black women. So what did sistas do now? Apparently when we give birth our babies are ugly, a burden on tax payers, and grow up to be killers who walk into movie theaters and kill 12 people and wound 58 others. Watch below.

But wait there's more. If you happen to get pregnant in high school. And you happen to attend Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Louisiana, then get ready to hide you baby bump or be expelled.

So how does this asinine measure affect young sistas? Let me break it down.

According to the 2010 census the total population of the small southern town is 2,919. The number of Whites in this town 1,039. The number of Blacks 1,803. This mean African-American families -- in all their forms -- are a majority in this small community. Furthermore, a report from the Guttmacher Institute updated in February of this year finds the state of Louisiana ranks 18th in the nation for the rate of pregnancy between teen girls 15 to 19. The state ranks 13th in the nation for the number of births to teen girls between 15 and 19. It ranks 39th in the nation for the rate of abortion among this same age group.

With that said it is reasonable to deduce if you are a teenaged Black girl living in Delhi, Louisiana between the ages of 15 and 19 the policy of Delhi Charter School could without your purposeful intention apply to you.

But I'm still not done yet. Black women when it rains it pours.

So where do we begin? Where do we begin?

How about here:

Black women if your self-esteem is not in the toilet right now give yourself a round of applause. You really and truly deserve it. Rising above being the subject of scorn and ire from the time you're turning your panties red is hard to do. So if you've managed to hold your head up in this onslaught of absolute hate then go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

Now for the most pressing matters of this dump fest. The abortion of ugly Black babies.

Usually abortion doctors get kudos for being in such a controversial profession or they're hounded by obsessed pro-life advocates who sometimes kill. Remember the Sunday morning execution of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas by Scott Roeder. It's real out there for doctors who dare perform a service that may leave psychological and emotional scars on them, their staff, and their patients for years to come.

But clearly this abortion doctor in the video above is not one of the compassionate few. Dr. Ron A. Virmani is in the abortion business as a public service to tax paying citizens and people who like to coo at pretty babies only. No ugmos allowed. He is ridding the world of the ugly welfare receiving babies.

As the issue of abortion continues to rear its head in our day to day lives it is important to note Dr. Virmani's racist and insensitive comment is just the tip of the iceberg. It is no better or worse than these ad campaigns.

While these billboards seek to recruit more Black people to the pro-life side of the debate or to stop a young Black woman from aborting her child, they are just as cruel as Dr. Virmani's ignorant comments.

The decision to have an abortion is a woman's personal choice. It is a choice she hopefully makes with the father of the child she's planning to rid herself of. If pro-life, pro-choice, or even Doctors such as Dr. Virmani are not one of those two people involved in that choice then their comments are unnecessary.

The first amendment gives Dr. Virmani the right to spew his intolerance just as it protects these ad campaigns and protesters outside Planned Parenthood clinics. Likewise the Supreme Court decision protects a woman's right to choose.

The issue here is not only abortion, or just the abortion of Black babies but the deep seated hatred held by some groups for anything synonymous with Black people.

I was randomly looking through YouTube last week when I stumbled upon some kind of science video. I was only half listening to the professor type talk when I heard him say everything Black is not ugly. I am almost 72 percent sure the man was talking about space and not people. The unfortunate part is I applied his phrase -- wholly out of context -- to people and wondered for some if Black is synonymous with ugly.

To Dr. Virmani the answer is yes. To Satoshi Kanazawa, remember him, the answer is yes. To members of the BWE movement the answer is yes. And for so many more the answer is a resounding yes that there is a comfort level in bashing Black people, Black culture, and now Black babies.
This letter I found posted on a friend's Facebook wall indicates just how much comfort there is.
In the age of President Obama where post-racialism is more desperately sought than a recovering economy it is important to highlight racism abounds and is not retreating. It is not because our first Black President confronts the issue of race daily. That task is left to his Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder. It is just by his very being race is a daily issue. Whether he gives a speech on TV or some less pigmented person hears his name on a fair and balanced cable news channel race is now omnipresent.

It's evident in the voting laws fought at the state and federal level. It's evident in this rant by Dr. Virmani who tried to defend his practice by insulting his clientele. The omnipresence of race is evident in the obsession with Black women's marital habits, sexual habits, dating preferences and by extension the same for Black men. It's evident in Rick Santorum's primary comment he'd rather help Black people get a job than take money from hardworking people who have a job. It's evident in Mitt Romney's new campaign ad where he not so subtlety alludes to the rise of the welfare queen from the late 1980's and 1990's as he attacks a measure signed into law by President Obama he formerly campaigned for.

Dr. Virmani's comment is not shocking. The ignorance is expected. The pregnant expulsion rule is not shocking it is expected. The mythbusting behind marriage and motherhood is not shocking it is expected. The reason: if there is ever a chance for the majority or a person of a non African-based minority to take a jab at people of the African diaspora they take it. They hold no punches because keeping one group down, even if they have achieved more than any other group since the beginning of civilization, is easier than ever recognizing that that group, this Black race, these African people want nothing more than to live in peace without judgement of their body, brain, character, habits, sexuality, and humanity being picked apart on the world's stage as the largest science experiment ever conducted.
Take your probe out of our ass, out of our uterus, and out of our head and our heart. Sorry you don't belong.


1. What's wrong with Dr. Virmani?
2. Will the omnipresence of race lead to post-racialsim?
3. Why is there so much focus on the sexual habits and the results of those habits of Black people?

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