Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is it All About the Benjamins?

The Obama camp has both raised large amounts of money and spent large amounts of money early on setting up campaign offices in key battleground states while the Republican primaries were still taking place.  Now that those primaries are over, the Romney camp has consistently been out-fundraising the Obama camp each month.  With 90 days left in the General Election before November 6, is the Obama camp in trouble?  The Morning Joe crew takes a look after the jump:

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1. Will it all come down to who raises the most money before November?
2. What are your thoughts on how much money it costs to be president in our country?
3. What role will(have) the SuperPACS play(ed)?
4. Are we starting to see the effects of the infamous Citizens United case?
5. Do we need to change the way campaigns are financed?

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