Thursday, July 5, 2012

WATCH: Lauryn Hill, July 4th Surprise Performance

As beautiful a voice as Lauryn Hill has, what some people often forget about the four time Grammy Award winner is that she is a ferociously dope and captivating lyricist. Lauryn is one of those rappers that you generally will not be able to comprehend with just one listen. Her music makes a mockery of the English language by how seemingly effortlessly she manipulates words. She not only held her own against two above average lyricists in Wyclef and Pras, she sort of blew the two of them out of the box.

When Lauryn released 'Lost Ones' in 1998 it dropped harder than the economy did in 2008 a decade later. It didn't matter if you were into the "conscious hip-hop," the more commercial, hip-hop, old school hip-hop or "gangsta rap," if you were a hip-hop listener or a listener of virtually any form of popular music, chances are you were a fan of that song. Lauryn's thoughtful, intelligent and sometimes venomous lyrics in the song not only displayed her massive knowledge and overall intelligence, it was essentially a battle record, which some say was directed at her former, fellow group member and boyfriend, Wyclef.

There were many fans who were actually disappointed when the album was first released because it did not contain more songs that resembled 'Lost Ones' and actually took a more soulful, melodic direction and because her voice is so amazingly beautiful, even the disappointed fans eventually came around.

Despite what has recently been said about Lauryn, such as bad performances, or being late for concerts or not showing up at all, she rocked the house in Philly last night; and judging from this video it was definitely one to be remembered.

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