Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jackson Family Drama

Who could forget this scene? Paris had just given an emotional recollection of her father and her aunt Janet sought to comfort her. The family appeared so united and strong on this day, while the world mourned the loss of our beloved Michael. Well long gone are the days of Jackson unity. 

Over the last three-years we've seen more of Michael's children in the spotlight than we all know Michael would have approved of. The kids have Twitter accounts, have done talk show interviews, and even have acting gigs in the works. To say that Michael is spinning in his grave is an understatement, especially when an incident has drawn the attention of "Good Morning America," because it allegedly involved a family scuffle with Paris Jackson. 

 Before we watch, let 's have a quick recap of the chain of events:

*Last Saturday we heard reports that Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's Mother) was missing and hadn't been heard from in over a week. 

*Monday, we heard that Katherine was not missing, was safe and well and chilling with Rebbie in Arizona. 

*Paris Jackson in the meantime has taken to Twitter like a bat out of hell. She appears to be the sole voice of her siblings and is not accepting the reports that her grandmother is safe and well, because she hasn't spoken to her, which is very unlike Katherine. 

*In the midst of all the Katherine missing/not really missing we learned that after three-years, the siblings have now decided to contest Michael's will. 

*The cops had to be called because of a "family scuffle" - watch

BREAKING NEWS: We've just learned that Katherine Jackson has been suspended as guardian of Paris, Prince and Blanket, and a son of Tito Jackson has been named temporary guardian. 

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge appointed Tito Jackson's son Wednesday as a temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's children.
In addition, the judge temporarily suspended Katherine Jackson as the children's guardian because she is in Arizona and hadn't spoken with them in several days.
TJ Jackson appeared in court and sought the temporary appointment, but his attorney said he wasn't trying to replace Katherine Jackson permanently.
TJ Jackson said he spoke with Katherine Jackson on Tuesday, but she sounded strange. He says she was using words he had never heard her use and her voice at times sounded slurred.
The appointment came after days of turmoil among the Jackson family, with a relative reporting Katherine Jackson missing before she was located safely with other family members in Arizona.
Katherine Jackson is the court-appointed guardian of her son Michael's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. The children have remained at the home they share with their grandmother in Calabasas.
The house was the scene of a family disturbance Monday that sheriff's deputies continue to investigate.
What the hell is going on here? 
My friends and I have our own theory on what's really going on here, but feel free to share yours. Add any missing pieces I may have left out. 
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