Monday, July 2, 2012

Go Ahead and Vote for Romney, You Know You Want To

Fact: Come January 22, 2013 the real economy will not be any better than it already is. If unemployment is at an even seven percent I'll say we have overcome.

Fact: Come January 22, 2013 we will still be in the war in Afghanistan.

Fact: Come January 22, 2013 the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act as Constitutional will still stand as will its predecessor in Massachusetts.

Fact: Come January 22, 2013 the United States will still have to struggle with its evolving position in the world from World Leader to one of many as our economy lags and potentially suffers from a snowballing economic crisis in Europe.

Fact: Come January 22, 2013:

"... it won't matter much for the economy whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins... people are especially pessimistic about the future president's influence over jobs. 
Years of disappointing economic news have deflated American optimism."
The last fact is courtesy of an Associated Press-GFK poll finding two thirds of Americans describe the economy as poor and 31percent believe unemployment will grow worse over the next year. (source)

President Obama and Mitt Romney have framed the narrative of this election around choice. If you choose to vote for President Obama you are choosing a leader without leadership. You're entrusting the economy to a man without a background in business and thus no knowledge of economics. If you choose to vote for President Obama you are choosing a candidate who is full of flourishing ideals but no real solutions of how to make America work. You are choosing an illusion sold in a box of pretty verbiage and rhetoric without any real bite to match the crescendoed bark.

Likewise a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a man who is only running for President because he feels like he should be President. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a man who touts his private sector experience as a good thing even though his company was single-handedly responsible for the destruction of several small businesses and the erosion of middle class jobs. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a man no one knows. One who lacks conviction and therefore credibility because we don't know if he's serious when he says he supports health care for all or is pro-choice of if he is the extreme right wing conservative we've seen trotted out over the last eight months.

No matter who you choose to vote for you are indeed making a choice.

So let's say you are so disillusioned with President Obama. You've had it with this pseudo celebrity pretending to govern. You want your vote to count so you go with the other establishment candidate, Mitt Romney.

You vote for big business, corporations as people, privatization of government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, the end of all other entitlements and the free market given the free reign to do whatever it pleases. You vote for self deportation of illegal immigrants, the belief life begins at conception and that a fertilized embryo is a person while the woman carrying said piece of DNA is now beholden to the whims of bodily functions where stress leads to infanticide.

A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for nonplussed decision making, timidity on defense and fatuous economic stakes.

A vote for Mitt Romney is an extreme decision made after being ungoverned through extremes.

It is a swing in the electorate tired of eight years of Bush, dissatisfied with the three and a half years under Obama, and longing for the glorious days of the roaring 90s when the economy was undone slowly and handed off to the weak man on the relay incapable of foreseeing disaster or containing it quickly.

A vote for Mitt Romney is an uncertain vote like any other in an incumbent year election. A vote for Mitt Romney could return the country to prosperity or destroy it completely. A vote for Mitt Romney is a rejection of big government and uncontrolled spending but an embrace of big business, big banks, big risks, big wins and big losses that have given U.S. an incessant cough and the rest of the world a debilitating and death inducing flu. But a vote for Mitt Romney is not a vote for President Obama.

For some that is all that matters. A non-vote vote that will matter more in the long run than in the partisan run staunchly idealistic present.

So go ahead and vote for Romney. Change is good even when for so many it could be so bad.


1. What causes the extreme swings in the electorate?
2. What would a Romney Presidency look like?
3. What would a second term under President Obama look like?
4. Should we not vote at all and just wait until the next time around?
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