Thursday, June 28, 2012


Quick Note:  I just saw that Steven Colbert said something similar to what I put in my post.  Not a big deal, but I put this together before I saw what Colbert did, and didn't feel like deleting it...  so, meh... it happens.

Also, I'm putting this out tonight because tomorrow will be nothing but SCOTUS and Obamacare... so, there you have it... now to the post...

I’m a gun owner.  I have several weapons in my house and have no issue with private – sensible – law abiding citizens owning weapons.  I come from a family of gun owners.  If war broke out and we were occupied by enemy forces, my father’s arsenal alone would be enough to equip 1,000 Minute Men.  My mother, yes, my innocent, never-hurt-a-fly mother, has a concealed carry card.  I say this to give perspective hoping you can better understand where I’m coming from.  Bottom line, I the words of the great Jay-Z, “like short sleeves, I bear arms.”  

However, I’m not a 2nd amendment lunatic.  I’m not one that believes a law restricting civilians from obtaining semiautomatic weapons, or a law prohibiting criminals from procuring tech-nines is an attack on ALL gun owning Americans.  Nor do I believe that extreme gun control laws will protect people.  If bad people want to get a gun, creating a law will not stop them from getting it.  To me, these are both weak arguments intellectually.  Unfortunately, an argument devoid of intelligence hasn’t stopped the National Rifle Association (NRA) from making it.

If you keep up with politics, you are familiar with the NRA.  You’re also aware that the NRA is one of the Republican Party’s puppet masters staunchest supporters and enablers.  Similar to domestic hostage taker Grover Norquist, the NRA rates congressional leaders on their – supposed – views on violence in America disguised as 2nd Amendment advocacy.  The NRA provides ratings for issues that they deem a priority towards gun rights; then, they bully influence congressional members to do their bidding – their most recent target, Fast and Furious.  

The NRA has made Fast and Furious, the controversial ATF’s gun-walking scandal, a priority for their hijacking agenda.  Not because they oppose the ATF’s actions.  Not because they are upset an ATF agent was killed and they want justice. Not because they think Attorney General Holder is withholding information important to finding out what went wrong.  No, that would make too much sense; remember, they need an intellectually weak argument.  And they found one.  NRA is using Eric Holder and Fast and Furious as leverage against congressional members because they feel that Fast and Furious is “a political attack on the 2nd Amendment and that the Justice Department facilitated a crime to further their gun control political agenda,” as stated by the NRA’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Did you get that? They are saying that an agency level (not EXECUTIVE LEVEL) program that started under the Bush Administration (Wide Receiver)  is actually *takes deep breath*a  scheme set in place by the Evil Lord Voldermort Obama while he was in the U.S. Senate to use Inception like tactics to planting an idea into then Covington & Burling LLP attorney Eric Holder making him a sleeper agent to awaken in 3 years with a plan to manipulate the Dept of Justice to trick the ATF into killing one of their agents in turn framing the Mexican Cartel all in an effort to change the constitution and take away guns from all Americans in made up bills that he would pass during his 2nd term in office…. *running out of breath*  Fuck you, Tom Clancy, I want the NRA to write the next Jack Ryan movie! 

The penetration of this silly assertion is starting to impact both Democrats and Republicans alike.  Since the NRA says that it will use how members vote on Eric Holder’s contempt charge as a gun rights issue, some Democrats are jumping ship and are voting FOR AG Holder’s contempt charge.  Even though this issue has NOTHING to do with gun rights, somehow, the NRA is trying to squeeze whatever bit of gun right fear mongering possible out of a weak political issue.

Not that it matters much, but any sensible person knows this issue is WITHOUT merit.  Not only has President Obama NOT taking ANY action against the 2nd amendment or gun ownership, but, as a matter of fact, President Obama reached out to the NRA to join in on the conversations of gun control.  Of course the NRA declined because it is easier to bitch about the Obama the make believe issues than actually work with the other side on finding a REAL solution.  

So there you have it.  As usual our political process is riddled with falsehoods, spin and hyperbole, but it doesn’t get more wacked out as this.  The NRA, an organization that wants you to view it as a respectable defender of constitutional rights is becoming more and more indistinguishable to Area 51 support groups.  Even scarier than that, there are congressional members who believe as they do.

Does the NRA have a valid argument?
Should Congressional Members bow down to groups like the NRA?
Is this a gun rights issue?
Is this part of an elaborate plan by the Obama Administration to take on the 2nd Amendment?

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