Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Duh! It's The Title of The Song

Yes, controversy is on deck. Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the N-Word.
Gwyneth and The Crew
On Thursday, The Storyteller asked us a very poignant question - Is An Honest Conversation About Race Even Possible? On our Sunday broadcast of The Urban Politico Hour we had an in-depth discussion about her post and each of us even answered her question. Myself and The Janitor were the only two people who answered yes. I defended my answer because I truly believe that we can have an honest conversation about race. I strongly believe the conversation should start at home with children and include a history lesson. Conversations like this could benefit Gwyneth Paltrow.

Jay-Z and Kanye West Performing
As a former Hip-Hop concert junkie, I understand the feeling that comes over you. The bass from the speakers take over your body and all you can do is rap all the words and move your body uncontrollably as your favorite rapper graces the stage. Even in a non-stadium setting, I personally transform into another woman who raps all the lyrics, mimics the hand and head movements. There is something about a live music experience that really can't be explained, you only understand if you've experienced it. Gwyneth had this experience at the "Watch the Throne" Concert in Paris over the weekend. The music and the comfort led her to tweet this......

When I initially saw this I laughed, but then I took a moment to have a serious inner conversation with myself and one question lingered in my mind, a question that I don't even think Gwyneth can answer. What did she mean? Did she mean "Ni**as in Paris" as in Jay-Z and Kanye - two "Ni**as in Paris," or did she mean "Ni**as in Paris" the song for real, as in she was feeling the music and entranced by the plight of Jay-Z and Kanye that they were actually in Paris performing that song, as the two mega stars that they are?

Listen, I get it! I was recently at a formal event for work, my boss and I hit the dance floor in a very conservative manner. We did our little two step and engaged in light conversation. Well all of that came to a screeching halt when the DJ dropped the beat for "Ni**as in Paris." All of a sudden he and I had the Kanye bounce in full effect, and we both began rapping very loudly "Ball So Hard MutherFu**ers Wanna Find Me" to each other and the other people in our small little crew on the dance floor. Believe me, "Ni**as in Paris" can turn the most refined person into a wild animal :) I love It! My guess is the same happened to Gwyneth. But I would love to hear what you think.

Speak on It............

1. Is this a big deal? 
2.What did Gwyneth mean?
3. Did Gwyneth really use the N-Word? (she tweeted Ni**as)
4. Should anyone be offended by this?

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