Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Decision Day in Wisconsin - Scott Walker Survives?

Wisconsin Recall Election 

Over one year ago, the people of Wisconsin set out to take their state back. The people took to the capitol and demanded answers from their newly elected Governor. Governor Walker ignored their pleas and disregarded their concerns, so the people commenced to giving him a thorough lesson in democracy. Last August, the first set of recall elections took place and the Republicans managed to keep four of the challenged senate seats, maintaining control of the state senate. Today we've reached a crossroad and its up to the people of Wisconsin to decide what direction they want to go - Incumbent Governor Scott Walker or his 2010 challenger Tom Barrett. 

The polls have been closed for 52 minutes and NBC is projecting that Governor Scott Walker has survived the recall election. 

Just in case you are not fully abreast of the situation and need additional background and context, you can review our past posts and get caught up:

Only 21% of the votes are in, so let's watch this race throughout the evening. 

**Update** - Other Races to Watch

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor
(D)Malhon Mitchell 
(R) Rebecca Kleefisch

Wisconsin State Senate District 29
(D) Donna Siedel
(R) Jerry Petrowski

Wisconsin State Senate District 23
(D) Kristen Dexter
(R) Terry Moulton

Wisconsin State Senate District 13
(D) Lori Compas
(R) Scott Fitzgerald

Wisconsin State Senate District 21
(D) John Lehman
(R) Van Wanggaard

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