Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Was Justice Served?

30 Days? That's It?

The New York Daily News:

A former Rutgers student convicted of spying on his gay roommate was sentenced to just 30 days in jail — a punishment generally reserved for shoplifting, vandalism or jumping a turnstile.

Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman, who could have sent Dharun Ravi to prison for up to 10 years, chided him for an apparent lack of remorse.

“I haven’t heard you apologize once,” Berman told the defendant during the four-hour hearing.

But the judge, who sounded like he was about to dole out a stiff sentence, shocked both sides and sent him to jail for a month. Relief swept over Ravi’s face. And shock ripped through Tyler Clementi’s parents, who appeared dismayed by the sentence. Clementi killed himself in September 2010 by leaping from the George Washington Bridge after learning that Ravi used a webcam to film a dorm room tryst between the roommate and an older man.

“I have disenchanted both sides,” Berman said, referring to the 30-day bid.

Ravi, 20, was clearly relieved as the judge handed down the unexpectedly light sentence, which also included three years probation, 300 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine.

Both sides planned to appeal the sentence.

Interesting. Dharun Ravi plans to appeal.

1. Was justice served here?
2. Do you think 30 days was a fair punishment, considering the crime committed?
3. Should Ravi be deported from the United States?

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