Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Problem Solved - Borrow Money From Your Parents!

"Borrow money from your parents." - Willard Romney

The words that a flying through my head are so obscene that I can't even post them to this blog. I'm so frustrated with this man, because he just doesn't get it. The context of his speech was obviously supposed to inspire the college students he was addressing, but once again he put his foot in his mouth and probably offended a few students in that crowd. 

"Borrow money from you parents?" What country is Mitt living in? What country is he trying to lead? Does he not understand that parents loaning money to their children to start business's and pay for college in full, are a small percentage of the country. Seriously folks, WTF!

Could you borrow money from your parents to finance your education or start a business?

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