Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Historic Day for the Republican Party

Willard Romney - 1st Mormon to be Nominated for President of the United States

As much as I despise Romney and strongly disagree with his political ideology, I believe that his historic victory should be acknowledged, for it's a testament to all that this nation stands for. In The United States of America, anyone can dream and aspire to hold the highest office in the land, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Today, the people of the Great State of Texas will be history makers, when they cast their votes in the Republican Presidential Primary Election. Those who dare to defy the rich tradition of the party and it's ties to Evangelical Christians, will cast their vote for Romney and help him cross the finish line with the necessary 1144 delegates.

Despite internal push back from his own party and an unusually long race for the Republican Party, Romney is the last man standing and will face President Obama on November 6th.

Congratulations Mitt! 

Let's talk next steps......

Vice President? Who?
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