Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Callin' &$#@s Out Like the Umpire: GOP Mad That They Didn't Kill Bin Laden

Hold up.  Time out.  It's time to call a spade a spade on Bin Laden-gate.  Over the past few days we've been hearing some push back on Obama's recent political ad that acknowledges the one year anniversary of the President's victory over one of the worst terrorists the world has ever known: Osama Bin Laden.  Oh wait, my bad.  Did I say the President's victory over Bin Laden?  I'm sorry, Republicans.  I meant to say America's victory over Bin Laden.  You know I get so confused sometimes its hard for me to remember when a President can claim a victory and when he can't.  Perhaps a few examples are in order.

Totally Acceptable.
Completely Unacceptable.
By George, I think I've got it.  So when a Republican President politicizes a military victory -- even if it isn't really a victory -- that's cool.  But if a Democratic President politicizes a military victory then that is an abomination of the first order which brings shame to the office.  Got it.

Seriously though, something has been bothering me since the story first broke about how Obama directed Seal Team 6 to fly in and kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan a year ago.  Immediately there was a concerted effort to downplay Obama's victory, but given the pure awesomeness of the event in question that just flat out was not possible.  You'd have a better chance trying to downplay the opening weekend of The Avengers at a Marvel Comics convention.  So then they tried a different tactic - acknowledge the awesomeness of Bin Laden's death, but only within the context of America's victory over Bin Laden - never within the context of Obama's victory over Bin Laden.  This way, we could all rejoice in the death of Bin Laden yet still deny any credit to the current Commander-in-Chief.  Never mind that the current Commander-in-Chief revived an effort to find Bin Laden that had been abandoned by his predecessor.  Never mind that the current Commander-in-Chief, upon taking office, immediately ordered then CIA Director Leon Panetta to make it his purpose in life to use all of the resources of the United States government to find Bin Laden.  And never mind that IF THIS MISSION HAD GONE WRONG this current Commander-in-Chief would have received 100% of the blame for a failed mission.  None of those things entitle Obama to an ounce of credit here.

I could go on but I believe Jon Stewart and the folks over at the Daily Show summed up my sentiments on the matter quite nicely:



1. Was/Is there an effort to deny giving Obama any credit for Bin Laden's death?
2. Did Jon Stewart get it right?
3. Imagine that Obama placed a "Mission Accomplished" banner on an aircraft carrier for a photo op - what result?
4. Are the Republicans just mad that a Republican didn't kill Bin Laden?
5. If Bush had killed Bin Laden and made an ad about it, would this be an issue?
6. If you agree that there's some hypocrisy going on here, is this a Democrat thing or is this a Black thing?

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