Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Light Skin is Good, White Skin is Better

From today's what the fuck files: TMZ got a hold of the casting call sheet for the Super Bowl Acura commercial which was very color specific. Read it for yourself.

See what it says next to role details, "Nice looking, friendly. Not to dark."

Seriously dude.


So how did the casting director do?

If you ask me they could have went a little lighter because this car salesman is just a regular brown skinned dude you would find anywhere in the country. He's not as light as Sammy Sosa or Vybz Kartel following their color correction. He's not later in life Michael Jackson light. He's just an average Black guy. Granted he's not that dark either which was the only requirement necessary. Which begs the question what's wrong with a Black man as dark as Djimon Honsou being a car salesman. But beyond being a car salesman what's wrong with being dark? You know there are dark people on the planet. But I guess I shouldn't dwell on foolery. I'm only agitated because I'm dark. Right? Right.

Moving on... Sort of...

People threaten the President on a regular basis. At this point it seems like a game of who can make the most incendiary comment about the first Black President. At this very moment in time the man taking the top spot is Ted Nugent.

How anyone can fix their mouth to compare the President to a coyote pissing on your sofa that you should shoot is beyond me. I'm sure, matter of fact I know, the right believes Ted Nugent's comment was a clever metaphor. But no. Erykah Badu is "Cleva" Ted Nugent is just downright disrespectful.

Of course he's not racist. He's not threatening anyone's life. He's just exercising his first amendment rights to free speech. He's expressing himself; how pissed off he is the enemy let into the White House really isn't an enemy at all.

Thank you to the Secret Service for investigating but I'm sure, correction I know, once they've thoroughly looked into the remark -- provided they don't fall into a prostitute's vagina first -- they will clear Nugent of all wrong doing. In fact I'm sure, correction I know, Nugent will be a free man clear of controversy as early as Monday because he was just expressing himself.

That right there is power.

Not power by money. Not power by celebrity. Not even power by the Presidency. Power by skin.

As much as we pretend skin color means nothing it is in fact everything Americans hold near and dear to their heart. Skin color is more important than the constitution. It is a constitution in and of itself.

In the Black community we're still getting over the house slave versus field nigger divide based on skin color. Why do you think Beyonce is out walking Blue Ivy so much? She's tired of people wondering why she looks so pale even though she's been inside for like months in the winter. Why do you think darker skinned Black folks don't go outside in the summer until it gets dark? We're solar phobic. All those rays, all that vitamin D. Who needs it? When the stars come out that's when we'll venture out. The sun can keep those two extra shades of darkness for another day.

But even though light skinned is recognized as being universally better there's still nothing like being pure White. (Unless of course you're one of the aesthetically racially ambiguous beauties like Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey) Being White affords you the privilege of saying things like Ted Nugent and only being contacted by phone by the secret service and not having them show up at your door wondering what the hell all is wrong with you. Being White affords you the privilege of becoming President and being attacked on your policies only and not how your racial make up and skin color are to blame for your policies. Being White allows you the privilege of playing the lead in a Super Bowl car commercial instead of being relegated to the discriminatory background.

Imagine if the roles in the commercial were reversed. Let's say Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy were the major comedians and the casting call for the salesman were "Nice looking, friendly. Not to redneck." We wouldn't even be having this discussion because not only would that never happen but if someone had the gall to print and post such a casting call in Hollywood the story would go viral in minutes. Someone would be fired for being racially insensitive, racist and discriminatory. It just wouldn't happen. But what did happen is perfectly okay.

Light is good.

White is better.

Now normally we ask questions but I'm sure some of you are ready to strangle me so commence with the ranting, no guidance necessary.

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