Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fed UP: Motor City MADMAN!

Real Quick: I apologize to my team for being MIA lately.  Between working killing me and the Hatch Act (which limits what federal employees can and can’t do during an election year), I haven’t been carrying my weight on this blog.  Thank you team for holding me up.  While I may not be able to provide in depth postings, I can put some thoughts together covering various subjects in hopes to get a conversation started.  Something I’ll call…. “Fed Up:”  (ahhh… what do you know from funny!!!)


Have you heard Ted Nugent’s latest comments?  I say latest because, if you’re familiar with Nugent then you this isn’t the first time the self proclaimed “Motor city Madman” has said something completely stupid.

However, to bring everyone up to speed, take a look at what this anti-American, faux-patriot said:

I have a couple of issues with this comment.  One dealing with Nugent and is ilk directly, the other dealing with Republicans (and Democrats) and the entire political election process to begin with. 

It AB.SO.LUT.ELY kills me when the Nugents of the world hide their feelings and opinions behind the “patriot” mantra.  To be clear, I FULLY support Nugents (and others) to have their own opinions – even if I disagree with them.  But don’t get it twisted; it is the height of hypocrisy to claim to be a patriot, then piss on the very democracy that the patriots fought for.  Part of being a citizen in this country means you are part of that democracy.  And being part of that democracy means there will be times when the person you want to be president loses.  But guess what, that person is STILL YOUR PRESIDENT!!! 

I NEVER heard this type of rhetoric when Bush won… EVER… Was there name calling?  Yes.  But did anyone ever hear a prominent progressive or left-winger wish death and harm towards President Bush?  I do, however, specifically remember a classmate saying, “[America] was going to Hell in a hand basket” after Clinton took over.  So Nugent, who claims to be a “patriot,” finds it okay to use this type of rhetoric against HIS president?  You see, that’s where this disconnect is.  He claims to be a “patriot” but wishes violence against the DEMOCRATICALLY voted POTUS?  So is the process flawed Ted?  Do you think Americans should vote for President or should we remove that section of the constitution when the person YOU supported loses?
That’s really my issue with the far right wing in general; there is literally a full dismissal of EVERYONE in the country that doesn’t agree with their position.  LITERALLY 50% of the country disagrees with them and, if you didn’t know any better, you would think they would be okay with removing their heads.  Mr. Nugent, should my head be removed?  Again,  I think it is a good thing for those who support the Tea Party/Nugent issues to stand up and be heard.  But seriously, you have ZERO interest in participating in democratic process (which you claim to love), the national dialogue, and JOINING the rest of America’s citizens to find consensus on moving the entire country forward?

We had to listen to the media slobber all over the comments made by Hilary Rosen.  In response, EVERYBODY who is anybody on the right side of the aisle commented about how outraged they were that President Obama would wage this “war on women”.  Yet, there is COMPLETE silence in response to Nugent’s comments.  It is deafening.  To be fair (or to call bullshit since we’ve heard NOTHING from Mitt himself), Mitt Romney’s campaign said:

"Divisive language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil."

That’s it?  That’s all you got?  Sounds like somebody is scared to stand up to the right-wing no matter how idiotic they are.  Is that REALLY the sign of a true leader?  To me, it reeks of cowardness.  I could respect Romney more if he had a backbone and stood up for right and wrong.  But I won’t hold my breath.

The difference?  When Rosen – someone who is NOT connected to the POTUS – made her comments, Obama, his campaign, and the Democratic Party moved quickly to separate themselves.  Even Michelle went out there and made some comments.  No matter what side of the aisle, a true leader calls someone out when they say stupid.  However, unlike Romney, who actually called Nugent and asked for his support and endorsement, has said NOTHING to repudiate what Nugent said.  Other than the Romney campaign’s weak ass comment, nothing from any other prominent Republicans.  Again, they couldn’t WAIT to say something after Rosen opened her mouth… now, apparently, they’ve fallen silent.

We’ve now moved to FULL general election mode and NO ONE… NOT ONE PERSON in the Democratic Party has gone into faux-outrage mode and demanded an apology.  NO ONE!!!!???  COME ON MAN!!!!   I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  This is the same weak ass Democratic Party scared to fight back.  This was laid out on a platter, and they’ve done NOTHING as a result. 

The elections have dissolved to nothing but hypocrisy and talking points with little to no substance.  But, it would be nice for consistency; I guess, that’s just too much to ask.  Who knows?  Maybe there’s a silver lining.  Maybe this provides coverage for the Obama campaign.   In the future, if one of Obama’s surrogates says something COMPLETELY stupid, then the Democrats can always fall back on Nugent’s comments as a blue print.  Thanks Ted.

What do you think of Nugent’s comments?
Should the Republicans speak out against Nugent?
Should the Democrats make this a bigger issue?
Is this a non-issue or is it similar to Hilary Rosen's comments?
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