Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unnecessary Ignorance

New Black Panther Party Offers Bounty for George Zimmerman

I really don't want to give any traction to this ignorance, but as we continue our coverage of this story it's important that we remain fair and keep you abreast of all developments. 

These are the shenanigans and negative exposure that I feared the Martin family would be subjected to. The last thing we need is for this story to become a circus act and force us to lose sight of the true issue at hand.

Speaking on behalf of the Martin Family, Daryl Parks of Park & Crump stated very clearly:
We do not condone, in fact we condemn the conduct of this particular group and in no shape or form support it. We believe that in America in our country and our state that we can get fair justice and we are putting our confidence in the system that we have in our great state of Florida. So we don't condone those people what so ever.

I will join the Martin family and condemn this group. Their actions and words are damaging and have no place in this very important conversation. We are seeking justice for a young man who was brutally murdered without just cause. We are not looking to propel the interests of a group that doesn't even understand the simple difference between the jobs of the executive branch and local law enforcement, or proudly professes to not follow the laws of the land.

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