Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions Jackpot $640M

Mega Millions Jackpot $640M

Next Drawing Tonight

For the past couple weeks we've covered very important issues that were intense and forced us all to think. Today I want us to have a little fun, loosen up a bit and use our imaginations. 

The Life of Grand_Central Post Jackpot Win this evening........

This evening I will sit in front of my television with my various tickets in hand (yes, I am in multiple pools) and when my numbers are called, I will remain calm, turn my cellphone off, put my ticket under my pillow and go to sleep. 

I will try my hardest through any legal mechanism possible to claim the jackpot anonymously and if it doesn't pan out, my identity shall be revealed. Prior to the revealing, I will pack up my apartment (oh there is no way I could remain there, I wouldn't be safe) and immediately book myself an extended stay at the Ritz-Carlton, TribecaGrand, SOHOGrand or Hilton Hotels (convenient for me to walk to work everyday - I WILL NOT QUIT MY JOB!). Upon collecting my funds ($462M Cash out After Taxes) that's where my life will get real interesting. I will immediately pay of my damn student loans and those of all my blog partners (yes, I am committing to it - Urban Politico Team, I got you), my little sister, and my BFF's Christine and Joy. Then I will make a donation to my church and favorite charities. 

I will purchase this New York City Apartment for a cool $1.69M, monthly carrying charges of $1124, fits nicely into my current financial situation.

Yes! Be JEALOUS!!!!! 

It's Friday, Let's Have Some Fun. 


What Would You Do If You Won The $540M Jackpot?
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