Monday, February 27, 2012


Look, I understand that the Republicans have staked their political futures, not on policies, but on simply saying the exact opposite of President Obama; I got that. This, of course, in addition to just making up bullshit as the Janitor so eloquently pointed out here – like Obama being weak on foreign policies. But when does it go from a political strategy to… oh, I don’t know, jumping the shark? When does it clearly become a pathetic attempt – a gimmick – to try and woo under-educated extreme right wing voters? I’m not even a Republican and I’m ready to have Jeb Bush get in the race just so we can have someone with some sort of common sense; someone who would actually raise the level of discourse in our politics.

I'm about to bury my lead....sorry

I initially was going to write a post similar to this based on Mitt Romney’s opposition to the auto bailouts…while campaigning in Michigan! Really Mitt? You went to Michigan and campaigned AGAINST the bailout… in Michigan? Really? That’s like going to Kansas City and campaigning against bar-b-que; going to New York and starting a rally to remove the Statue of Liberty; going to Boston and running an anti Red Sox campaign. You understand… even if you felt a certain way, you MUST be smart enough to not preach against it to the very folks it helped…right? Hell, think it, just don’t say it out loud. At some point in time, self-preservation – which is the very definition of “politics” – should kick in shouldn’t it? You would probably do better if you just didn’t say anything at all. Learn from your rich breather in the sports world, just say “No comment.” 

Back on lead...
But, in what I can only imagine is a game of say-the-dumbest-thing one-upmanship, Saturday morning, Rick Santorum doubled down on this right wing strategy called Obama a “snob” for wanting every American to go to college.

I’ll wait………I’ll give you a moment to think about that……….

A snob. A snob, because Barack Obama, the President of the United States, thinks it’s in the best interest of individuals and the country for kids graduating from high school to continue their education.

Santorum attempted to qualify his statements, “Not all folks are gifted in the same way,” he said. “There are good decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor trying to indoctrinate them.” Santorum continued, “Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image. I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his.”


What in the hell are you talking about Rick?

Seriously, where do I start? On its face, it sounds as if Santorum is saying that because Barack Obama – an evil Muslim devil worshiper – has a college degree and a JD, any and everybody who gets a college degree and a JD is also a an evil devil worshiper. But of course that can’t be it. Santorum has an undergraduate, masters, and a JD, and we know he is Jesus’ messenger here on Earth.

Oh sure, as if HE went to HAAARVARD!

Maybe Santorum was attacking our American institutions of higher learning. Colleges have liberal professors, and ANY and EVERYTHING with a liberal slant…trying to destroy the country? Especially those yuppies up at HAAARVARD!!! (said in my best New England yuppie voice). All Harvard ever did was graduate Richard Greener, an African American, in 1870, some 80+ years before Brown v. Board. I can see why Santorum hates institution of higher learning; for years, they’ve been in the middle of the building up and tearing down of White supremacy. There may be something there for him to tap into to get the need votes. If you hate Obama so bad, that you are willing to say that getting an education is a bad thing, then what else am I left to infer? Maybe the problem isn’t with Obama and his education, but with you.

The Problem We All Live With - by Norman Rockwell
 From the perspective of an African American, these comments are damn near offensive. Historically speaking, we’ve gone from reading being illegal to needing military escorts at Southern Universities. Now, when the first African American president encourages furthering your education, you call him a snob? We're all familiar with the African American dropout rates and prison statistics. Not only should Santorum not make education the point of his voting segregation strategy, if you were truly interested in a better America, he would support Obama – at least on this ONE issue – and encourage those that want to attend, to attend! No, instead, he's created yet another needless, baseless, self-esteem obstacle; now, youths interested in getting a degree has to worry about being labeled “a snob” on top of everything else?

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Maybe this isn’t yet another dog whistle from the right. Trying to substitute “snob” for “uppity” doesn’t hide your true intentions from those who recognize it. Translated, Santorum said, “Obama, that uppity ass nigger who thinks he is better than you White America!” This has been part of Santorum’s stump speech for a while calling Obama and his administration “elite snobs” looking down their noses at “average Americans.” This is the same language used by racist southerners for Black people who didn’t know their place. Between language like this and “food stamp” rhetoric, we know exactly what these republican candidates are trying to do.

Again, maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Maybe this is nothing more than when Obama says “up,” they Republican candidates say “down,” no matter the damage done to their campaign, their party, or the country.

I’m not saying that college is for everyone. Hell, I believe Obama said we should help those who want to attend. None-the-less, when we vilify the furthering of an education, we’ve already lost. Should we really have a president with that perspective? Especially in today's economic times, those with at least a college are faring better and are more likely to be employed over those with just high school diplomas. Instead of encouraging folks to do better, he is telling them to settle, learn a trait and pass it down to your kids, all in an effort to stay away from those liberal commie professors, and, ironically, in the name of economics.

How do you feel about Santorum's comments?
Is Obama being a snob by want Americans to attend college?
Are our universities too liberal?
Are our universities a place where conservatives are shut out?
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