Friday, February 24, 2012

Busted Looking at Royal Cleavage

Sometimes I don't mind talking about something silly with little to no redeeming value. Like today. Men look at women. Always have and always will. One of the hazards of looking is that you may inadvertently cross the line between a quick admiring glance and a long creepy ogle. If a lady blocks your view, yup you just might be a creepy little perv. Pentti Arajarvi, man that he is, may know all about that. The husband of the Finnish President, Arajavi was attending a state dinner in Denmark last month when he evidently noticed something quite interesting about the Danish Princess Mary, wife of the Crown Prince of Denmark. Watch the video below.

That didn't look too inadvertent to me. No, no it didn't. Now back in Viking days that sort of thing may have started a war but of course we live in more civilized times. Old Arajarvi must have been admiring the lady's....necklace. Yeah, that's the ticket... And then when Princess Mary noticed that he admired her ...necklace, he then noticed what wonderful chandeliers she had. Obviously we have all just misinterpreted what he was looking at. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Men: Have you ever been caught looking at something you shouldn't have been looking at? What did you do?
Women: Have you ever caught someone ogling you and/or making you feel uncomfortable? How did you handle it?
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