Thursday, January 5, 2012

President Obama Sticks It To GOP!

President Obama Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

President Obama went on vacation last month, took in some sun, golf, family time and came back to the oval office with a new perspective on governing - beat the GOP at their own game. The President opted to exercise his powers and put an end to the nonsense and politicking that the Republicans in Congress have been partaking in for the last three years.

President Obama made four recess appointments of key individuals who've been caught up in the gridlock of congress for over a year. The individuals were:

                    Richard Cordray, Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
                    Sharon Block, Member, National Labor Relations Board
                    Terence F. Flynn, Member, National Labor Relations Board
                    Richard Griffin, Member, National Labor Relations Board

"The American people deserve to have qualified public servants fighting for them every day - whether it is to enforce new consumer protections or uphold the rights of working Americans. We can’t wait to act to strengthen the economy and restore security for our middle class and those trying to get in it, and that’s why I am proud to appoint these fine individuals to get to work for the American people." - President Obama

Of course the GOP and big business came out in full court press attack mode. Listen to what they had to say.....

"What the president did today sets a terrible precedent that could allow any future president to completely cut the Senate out of the confirmation process, appointing his nominees immediately after sending their names up to Congress."

"This was surely not what the framers had in mind when they required the president to seek the advice and consent of the Senate." - US Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell

"The President's recess appointment of Consumer Protection Chief is an unprecedented blow to our system of checks and balances." - Top GOP Aide

"We are considering all possible legal recourse. We believe it's clear the President has violated decades of precedent and possibly the Constitution." - Geoff Burr, Vice President, Associated Builders and Contractors.

During our own discussion amongst the team, we pondered on the legality of the appointment and our resident legal scholar, The Janitor, pointed out:

"Article II section 2 expressly allows the President to make a recess appointment. The only catch is that when the President makes a recess appointment - which BTW every president has done since the 1700's - the Senate has to give their approval of the recess appointment by the end of the next term or else the President's appointment will expire and then we'll have to go through this whole thing all over again."

I highly doubt that this appointment is illegal and I commend the President for taking this matter into his own hands and using the powers granted to him to ensure that this gridlock came to an end. A President shouldn't have to make these type of appointments. Congress should do its damn job and bring the individual up for a vote. The shenanigans of the US Congress needs to come to an end. There is no reason preventing Congress from doing its job other thanideological difference, concern for personal gain or outright stupidity. Keep in mind, Congress is also sitting on the appointments of judges and other key people to the administration. My response to McConnell and all those who blasted the President today - the inaction of Congress and their decision to put politics and personal gain over the best interests of the American People is a blow to our system.

In your opinion, is this appointment a legal appointment?
Does this move by President Obama add strength to his leadership?
Should the President have made more appointments than the four he made today?
Do you support the CPFB?
Do you anticipate any legal ramifications of today's appointments?
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